Just the Tip–Discounts and Deals on Running Stuff


Happy Tuesday! This morning I tried to do speed run and I’ll give myself an “E” for effort. I did 4 400s, 2 800s and one 1600 but they were all around the same pace, which isn’t great but on the bright side – at least I’m consistent. That is the one thing I have going for me. The one thing. Breakfast – pumpkin oats are in season! Kiwi. Just because. Instant … [Read more...]

Just the Tip–Learning From Diets


Hello and Happy Tuesday! I started my day with a run and an eat. I think I may need to find a new Tuesday route because peeps don’t know how to keep their dogs in check. #NotCool I finished off the last of the pineapple cottage cheese (yes, the one I bought yesterday) in a cantaloupe this morning. Add a side of SB&J toast and it’s perfect. Last night I packed up the … [Read more...]

Just the Tip: Fruit Ice Cubes


Hello and Happy Tuesday! Yesterday I had a lil ‘NSV’ aka ‘non-scale victory’ when I finally went to yoga! Are you guys familiar with ‘NSV’ from the ol’ weight loss message board days? No? Just me the weirdo, okay. Anyway- good job Monican   This morning I did a sad attempt at speed work. I’m still not feeling it, so I make a compromise where I do the planned run even if … [Read more...]

Just the Tip Tuesday– Healthiest Chorizo


Sometimes RER masquerades as a healthy living blog. Shocking, I know. Well today I am about cancel out all my chia seed loving posts with some real Mexican food talk. Today’s “Just the Tip” is all about the healthiest chorizo to eat. Growing up my mom would sometimes make chorizo on the weekends. My brother and I loved it! Then, I went through this hippie dippie … [Read more...]

Just the Tip Tuesday–Trader Joes Sriracha


Since I’m on a strict Sriracha Diet Plan* I go through the red sauce pretty fast. So, I was super excited when I saw Trader Joes now sells TJ’s Sriracha Sauce! Except it’s not the same. Nope. I double checked on twitter and many agreed that TJ’s Sriracha is NOT exactly like the OG version.  It’s not as hot and is thinner in consistency. I like to original version a lot … [Read more...]

Just the Tip: Eat What’s in Season


Earth Day was Monday and even though you already know that you should recycle and turn off the sink when you brush your teeth, today’s just the tip is about another way you can hug the Earth… Just the Tip: Eat seasonally and locally. But what’s in season right now? Well, that depends on where you are. For example if you live in California these foods are in season in … [Read more...]

Just the Tip Tuesday Sneaking in some Protein


My heroes wear bibs. I’m sporting my favorite running related shirt today in honor of the Boston Marathon explosion victims. I bought it at a race expo years ago, not sure which.   Track Tuesday (but not really on a track). I will not let the Boston Marathon explosion tragedy stop me from trying to get there one day. So, I set out on a speed session this morning. I don’t use … [Read more...]

Just the Tip: Chapstick with SPF


Hello and happy Tuesday! I started my day with a great tempo run – the first 2 miles were sub 8s! Who am I? I was lost in my thoughts about something and didn’t even realize I was going that fast.  Now I’m over it and I had a great run! Done and done. The bad news is my Garmin’s history is full so it shut down at mile 3. #Fail I need to upload my data so I can clear … [Read more...]

Just the Tip: Put Avocados in Everything


Someone asked if the trees in the back of this picture are avocado trees. YES! My mom’s yard has 2 huge avocado trees. See? I just stand and stare and the amazing trees for hours. I didn't even know someone was taking a picture... Just the Tip: Use Avocados instead of mayo in recipes for some extra flavor and healthy fat. I made deviled eggs from the leftover Easter eggs … [Read more...]

Just the Tip–Naked Smoothie


Hello! This morning I spent some time with Jillian and knocked out a few miles on the sidewalk. Now it’s time for a little healthy eating a la a smoothie for breakfast! Just the Tip: If you’re pressed for time prep all your smoothie ingredients except ice into the blender the night before. In the morning, add ice, blend, drink. I am working with a few of my friends who … [Read more...]

Just The Tip–Make Time To Workout


I know one of the biggest struggles people have with exercising is making time to workout. I totally get it – you’re busy with work / school / love / fighting/ reading RER… Since I’m always late (aka on Monican time) I have found ways to streamline my morning routine so I have time to run and still get places on time. Just the Tip – How to Make Time to Workout in the … [Read more...]

Coffee Ice Cubes for Iced Coffee


Just the Tip Tuesday… If you’re been reading RER for more than a day you may be aware that I love iced coffee a little bit… And I like my iced coffee like I like my men – Big and Cold. Wait. Never mind. Here’s the tip… pour the rest of your coffee into ice trays to make coffee cubes. This keeps your iced coffee cold and strong. Yeah buddy. Bonus: Use the coffee ice cubes … [Read more...]

Just The Tip Tuesday – Marathon Recovery


Hello! I am back home and chugging along It felt great to get a full night of sleep in my own bed! But, I still needed (or wanted) massive amounts of iced coffee this morning. I have had problems with alternative milks curdling in iced coffee but TJ’s Almond Milk doesn’t curdle and tastes good. Sheck it out. <- not a typo Just the Tip Tuesday  Today I have a Running … [Read more...]

Just The Tip Tuesday– Pick A Big One Win a Prize


Hello! After work I met up with Skinny Runner for a walk. It was nice to see her even though it feels like we practically live together these days… We walked for a record 5 miles talking about life, liberty and the pursuit. Then, we took pics of each other like nerds… We email each other our pics and she sent me these and a pic of Kim Kardashian on accident (I think). I … [Read more...]

Just The Tip Tuesday– Best Mascara


Hello! How are you? This morning I did a run in the rain. I was going for speed, but that didn’t happen. I just wasn’t feeling it E for effort? But we’re moving on to Just the Tip Tuesday… Just the Tip #1: I heard you’re supposed to cut out white foods like sugar, white bread and potatoes. So, I used brown sugar on my acorn squash which makes it super healthy right?   … [Read more...]

Just The Tip Tuesday … Spicy Cashews


Hello and welcome to another round of Just the Tip Tuesday! The blog series where I admit to only eating the tips of sweet peppers… while Vegas watches me and silently judges. Just the (Running) Tip: Put on your favorite dope jams and your run will be a blast! I listened to my old faves this morning and had a great speed session. (My throat still hurts, but it’s not in my … [Read more...]