Strip At Night Expo


Hello! After a very late wake up call Susan and I headed to the Rock N’ Roll Las Vegas Expo. These are scenes from the fun… I grabbed an iced coffee on the way in and had a few protein bar samples at the expo. I hit up the REFUEL booth for a prize too. I was lucky enough to meet a few readers too! Hello to Jennifer, Melissa and Sarah something or other aka Skinny Runner. … [Read more...]

Las Vegas For #stripatnight part I


I'm in Las Vegas with my friend Susan. We're running the RNRLV half marathon Sunday night :) But last night we wanted to go out dancing. We arrived at midnight(!), rallied and ended up at 1 Oak. No comment. Let's just say I'm dehydrated and need a nap. Whew. We're headed to the expo. See you later! Question: Do you like to dance? I love it! … [Read more...]

One Night In Vegas


When we last spoke I had just arrived in Las Vegas and met up with my brother and his GF. We walked around a bit and then ate dinner at Cabo Wabo. The weather was perfect for sitting outside. Chips and salsa, of course I had a grilled chicken burrito. It was supposed to be a “healthy option”, but came with pita chips? More chips. Great. Sadly, all the food was mediocre at … [Read more...]

Driving to Las Vegas


Hello from the road! We’re on our way to Las Vegas for the night. As a SoCal native who’s driven to Las Vegas numerous times on a Friday I can say the roads were wide open! It’s common to hit the worst Vegas traffic for weekend trips. I played passenger today because Ben wanted to drive. It’s good because I was able to catch up on blog reading via the GReader app on my … [Read more...]

Rock N Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon ‘11


Yesterday afternoon I got my Chocolate Milk Team Refuel gear on for the Las Vegas half marathon. I was nervous that I’d be cold so I went to Ross earlier for an undershirt. The race started at 5:30PM so I tried to stall as long as possible inside to avoid the chilly air. I stayed at the Luxor which is right next door to the race start. Finally it was time to head down to get … [Read more...]

Carb Loading in Las Vegas


Sorry RER was MIA earlier, I guess when I’m in Vegas my blog thinks it can get drunk too! This morning I headed to the hotel gym for a strength session, but got a text from Meghann as soon as I got there to meet for brunch. Sold to the lady with the food! I turned around and went to get ready. We went to a cute little café at the Signature in the MGM. The Signature area of … [Read more...]

Best Food in Las Vegas


Even though we didn’t crawl into bed until 3-ish last night I woke up at 6:30am?! I hate myself a little for that. I made myself stay in bed until 8-ish. Then, I contemplated going to the gym. But we had to get going soon so Ben went to get food and I got ready. This is what he brought back for breakfast: gatorade, iced coffee, pizza and a chocolate almond bear claw. Breakfast … [Read more...]

Las Vegas Pre Gaming or Racing…


Hello from Las Vegas! Refuel with Low Fat Chocolate Milk is sending me to the Rock N Roll Las Vegas half marathon this weekend! Ben and I drove here yesterday afternoon. My cat named Vegas tried to stow away in his jacket. I guess he wants to see the city he’s named after We caught a lot of traffic so it took longer than expected. Luckily, I had provisions… By the time … [Read more...]

Leaving Las Vegas


Speaking of Leaving Las Vegas – have you seen that movie? Ben and I caught it recently. Talk about downer. We reluctantly  left Las Vegas this morning. I snuck out of bed a bit early to crank out 3 miles on the treadmill. My ankle has been super super tight lately. Thoughts?? We stayed at the Luxor because it’s the cheapest place on the strip that’s not in BFE. … [Read more...]

Zeffirino Italian in Las Vegas


Last night we ate at Zeffirino in the Venetian. It’s located in the Grand Canal shops INSIDE the casino, so the ceiling always makes it look like it’s day time. This picture was taken inside at 7:30pm. Isn’t that fun? Well, fun and confusing when you go outside We had dinner companions so we waited in the bar while listening to the pianist. Our dinner friends were … [Read more...]

Irish Pub in Las Vegas


I woke up feeling hung over wicked tired from staying up all night drinking.But, decided to check out the hotel’s gym because I am a compulsive eater exerciser. Unfortunately, I still felt like crap and just walked about 20 minutes and did some light weights. When I got back I thought a small snack would help settle my stomach. Nope. Long story less long, I ended up … [Read more...]

Waking Up In Vegas


Hello, I woke up in Vegas this morning and feel like I had a good time last night. Let’s see what I can share… The first thing Ben and I did after we settled in our room is get one of those embarrassing huge cups of high-fructose corn syrup and alcohol. Even though I’ve been to Vegas 20+ times I have never gotten one of these before because I think they’re tacky. Well, this … [Read more...]

Rock N Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon


I did it! When I signed up for the Las Vegas Half Marathon I thought, “This could either be the best idea or the worst idea I’ve ever made.” Well, I don’t think it ended up being either (dramatic much), but it did end up being a really good idea! I was able to sleep in a bit considering it was a race day. The starting time was 7am and we were staying right next door! I needed … [Read more...]



I packed for Las Vegas while eating lunch. Notice that the first thing to go into my suitcase are my heels. For any other trip / location / event / day the first thing I pack is my running clothes. Vegas is the one place where I don’t even bother to think I’m going to run – sure it’s a wide open space with room to roam, but blisters (see above mentioned heels)  and vodka … [Read more...]

Boxing Before Work


This morning I hit up LA Boxing for a Kickboxing class. I was excited to finally put my gloves to use! So far all I’ve done with them is put them on and jump around… I met a few reps from LA Boxing at Fitbloggin and they offered to let me work out for free if I blog about it. Score! I only recently fell in love with KB and really wanted to try a gym with actual bags. And … [Read more...]