Long Beach Marathon Recap


Alternate Titles – 5 Seconds Saved Me (instead of last year’s Four Minutes Away title) Or  Monica’s Last Marathon Early this morning I woke up and did my pre-race thing – clothes, bathroom, food. Then, I woke up Ben and Matt (my lil’ bro who’s staying with me this weekend) and we headed to Long Beach. They dropped me off near the start and went to go have breakfast. I … [Read more...]

Some Girls Want Flowers, I Want Ice


Happy Saturday! Before I forget, last night I made an awesome fruit salad with plums, watermelon, naners and pineapple cottage cheese. Oh, and lots of Puffins. I was carb loading, always am really I set my alarm for 5:16am to try and get running before it got too hot. I’m in Southern California and we’ve had a really mild summer (hasn’t even got above 95), but the heat is … [Read more...]

17 Mile Training Run


Another Long Run is done! Thank you Jesus This morning I fueled up with nut butter toast and iced coffee. Then, I packed up my gatorade and Gu and get ready to go! Great news = my Garmin started working again by some miracle this morning!!! So glad I checked on it. 17 Miles in 2:29:49 Average Pace 8:56 Mile 1: 8:46 Mile 2: 8:37 Mile 3: 8:36 Mile 4: 8:37 Mile … [Read more...]

Run 15 Miles Eat 15 Pancakes


Hello! Today was my long run day. I set out bright and early for 15 miles. Pretty sure I’m still asleep here… Ben and I are trying to stick to a budget so I can’t buy any more running gear for a while. Bummer. Well, bummer until I remembered I’m a hoarder and found a new running shirt I bought months ago! My run was really good! It took me about 5 miles to get into a groove, … [Read more...]

YogurtLand and July Goals


Hello and Happy Friday!!! Last night I was MIA because I went to another blogger meet up at Yogurtland. I’m just happy I can blame my addiction on others. These girls are enablers, but I’m not objecting Skinny Runner, Heather, Margot, Janae and that Run Eat Repeat girl In a related story, my phone completely died and Ben thought I was dead. He came looking for me. Isn’t … [Read more...]