Long Beach Marathon Recap


Alternate Titles – 5 Seconds Saved Me (instead of last year’s Four Minutes Away title) Or  Monica’s Last Marathon Early this morning I woke up and did my pre-race thing – clothes, bathroom, food. Then, I woke up Ben and Matt (my lil’ bro who’s staying with me this weekend) and we headed to Long Beach. They dropped me off near the start and went to go have breakfast. I … [Read more...]

20 Mile Training Run – 3 of them!


I did it! I did three 20 mile runs this training program!!! That’s super crazy because this will be my fourth marathon and I have never done more than one 20 in training!!! The first time I only did one 19 miler. For the second marathon training I did one really crappy 20 miler (in Maryland). And last year I did one 20 miler and one 19 miler (where my big butt got me a … [Read more...]

Run Eat Travel


This morning I woke up dreading my long run. (Okay technically I went to sleep last night already dreading it.) Yesterday I confessed that I’ve reached that part in marathon training where I want to quit. My marathon training plan said to do a “Half Marathon” this weekend. But I’m going out of town and  had originally planned on doing 18 today and doing 13.1 as a step back … [Read more...]

Zero Week – Post Marathon Recovery


I ran a marathon yesterday. I know you might already be aware, but I just needed to say that out loud. Or rather, write it on my blog. I woke up today feeling sore, which is obviously expected. My knees and quads hurt when I go from sitting to standing or vice versa. And I’m pretty sure at least one of my toe nails is a goner. Now it is Zero Week – the week after a … [Read more...]

Four Minutes Away


I didn’t post yesterday because I didn’t have it in me. This whole week I’ve been stressing over the race to a ridiculous degree. Truth be told, after reading race recaps over the last week I wasn’t pumped up – I was doubtful of my abilities, my training and my readiness to hit my goals. All week I tried to get my head in the race. I wrote a post about it. I reached out to … [Read more...]