Florida For the Long Run


Happy Saturday! How’s it going over in your yard? This morning I woke up and snuck out early for a long run. I have big plans and needed to be done at a decent hour. 19 miles done, 9:03 pace – should have been faster considering the climate and terrain were PERFECT, but I’ll take it. One of my new Florida friends that I see every morning told me I was going to melt because I … [Read more...]

Thai Food and 21 Miles


Helloooooooo! Friday night after work Ben and I went out for Thai food. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before but there are dozens of Thai places on every block around here. And they’re all good! We tried a new to us place and of course it was amazing I like a lot of drinks. (Actually, we both ordered the dinner special and they each came with either a Thai tea or Thai … [Read more...]

Sweet Sixteen Miles


Happy Saturday! I’m thinking about officially making Friday’s pizza night. Sadly, this is the best idea I’ve had in years. But the “thin crust” frozen pizza I bought was a scam. Don’t try to fool this Mexican - I know a tortilla when I see it!  I stole a piece of Ben’s “real pizza” for carb-age. More specifically, Friday should be Pizza and Wine night This morning I … [Read more...]

Fifteen Miles and Banana Pancakes


Hello! I set my alarm for an early 15 mile run. Ben and I had breakfast plans and I needed to be done before 9am. I usually set my alarm to “beat the heat” for summer long runs, but let myself sleep in during winter. Well, today I was out the door before 6am. Armed with Nuun and Gu <- I always say “Nune of your business” when I’m mixing this… Things I have in my car today … [Read more...]

Running Bites


Last night Ben and I went to his work Holiday party at some fancy restaurant in Irvine. I would have paid attention to the name if I was a good food blogger or at least looked it up on the invite if I wasn’t so lazy. Oh well. This picture isn’t blurry it’s just how I look after a lot of champagne… I started with a glass of champagne as everyone got there/met. Once we … [Read more...]

Off to NorCal


I woke up before the sun for a long run jog this morning . I am not cool and didn’t go to yoga yesterday like I was supposed to so my legs were super tight and tired. I cut it 11.5 miles and took a few stretch breaks. I had random back spasm pains around mile 7. I tired to stretch, but it didn’t really help. I think I need a hot bath But, there was no time! I came home … [Read more...]

20 Mile Training Run – 3 of them!


I did it! I did three 20 mile runs this training program!!! That’s super crazy because this will be my fourth marathon and I have never done more than one 20 in training!!! The first time I only did one 19 miler. For the second marathon training I did one really crappy 20 miler (in Maryland). And last year I did one 20 miler and one 19 miler (where my big butt got me a … [Read more...]

Train To Run–20 Miler


Well here we are again. I did 20 miles last weekend and had 16 on the training plan this Saturday. But we have plans to go out of town next weekend so I switched it to next time. So this weekend was another 20 miler! I need a break. Last night I carb loaded with pizza bagels and tortellini Oh, and of course chocolate! You know, for the sake of the run Then, I climbed into … [Read more...]

Some Girls Want Flowers, I Want Ice


Happy Saturday! Before I forget, last night I made an awesome fruit salad with plums, watermelon, naners and pineapple cottage cheese. Oh, and lots of Puffins. I was carb loading, always am really I set my alarm for 5:16am to try and get running before it got too hot. I’m in Southern California and we’ve had a really mild summer (hasn’t even got above 95), but the heat is … [Read more...]

Run Eat Travel


This morning I woke up dreading my long run. (Okay technically I went to sleep last night already dreading it.) Yesterday I confessed that I’ve reached that part in marathon training where I want to quit. My marathon training plan said to do a “Half Marathon” this weekend. But I’m going out of town and  had originally planned on doing 18 today and doing 13.1 as a step back … [Read more...]

17 Mile Training Run


Another Long Run is done! Thank you Jesus This morning I fueled up with nut butter toast and iced coffee. Then, I packed up my gatorade and Gu and get ready to go! Great news = my Garmin started working again by some miracle this morning!!! So glad I checked on it. 17 Miles in 2:29:49 Average Pace 8:56 Mile 1: 8:46 Mile 2: 8:37 Mile 3: 8:36 Mile 4: 8:37 Mile … [Read more...]

Woman Versus Food and Almost Meets Man


I started my day with a 16 mile training run. I felt pretty good until the last two (and ended up slowing at that point). 16 miles in – Average pace 8:51 Here are my splits for my personal reference, (thanks for scrolling past this crap)… Mile 1: 8:48 Mile 2: 8:38 (a little eager) Mile 3: 8:51 (eagerness wore off fast) Mile 4: 8:41 Mile 5: 8:56 Mile 6: 8:56 … [Read more...]

Run 15 Miles Eat 15 Pancakes


Hello! Today was my long run day. I set out bright and early for 15 miles. Pretty sure I’m still asleep here… Ben and I are trying to stick to a budget so I can’t buy any more running gear for a while. Bummer. Well, bummer until I remembered I’m a hoarder and found a new running shirt I bought months ago! My run was really good! It took me about 5 miles to get into a groove, … [Read more...]

YogurtLand and July Goals


Hello and Happy Friday!!! Last night I was MIA because I went to another blogger meet up at Yogurtland. I’m just happy I can blame my addiction on others. These girls are enablers, but I’m not objecting Skinny Runner, Heather, Margot, Janae and that Run Eat Repeat girl In a related story, my phone completely died and Ben thought I was dead. He came looking for me. Isn’t … [Read more...]

Last Fun Run


This morning I looked over my Marathon Training calendar and was on the fence about today’s run. It was either my last “fun run” as in, not a training run OR it could count as my first training run. I decided it would be my last fun run and had cereal instead of PB toast before it. Well, good thing this wasn’t a training run because I totally crashed and burned. I cut my … [Read more...]

No Gu No Go


I had an early long run planned for this morning so I set my alarm and tried to get out the door fast. Before I left I had PB toast and rustled around in my “running box” for some Gu. Well, I somehow managed to leave it behind and at mile 6 of my 12 miler realized I didn’t tuck it in my water bottle case. Boo. So, I hit the wall at about mile 8 and there was no amount of … [Read more...]