Hide The Cookies


Hello! How is your day going? I ate some bad watermelon mid-morning and broke for lunch around noon. I’m not sure it was noon because my power randomly went out?! (And yeah, I should know better than to buy watermelon this out of season. Watermelon Fail.) Luckily, reader Lindsey sent me this watermelon success she saw on Pinterest. I love when you send me fun watermelon … [Read more...]

Tofu Shirataki Noodles


I came home from KB starving and considered making a quick sandwich for lunch. But, I remembered that I bought stir-fry veggies and needed to cook them. I work late tonight so I made them for lunch! I cooked the veggies up with some rotisserie chicken and peanut sauce. Then, I added the noodles. It was amazing! See the steam? That can’t stop me from digging in! Tip: The … [Read more...]

Foreign and Funny Magazines


I can cook Mexican food and Chinese food and occasionally even Thai food. But, I’m not good at Indian dishes. (Okay, technically I’m afraid of how to use the spices, don’t judge.) Nope, for my Indian cravings I rely on a frozen meal (or take out). This one worked as lunch paired with some toast. <insert piece of pumpkin pie for dessert> Speaking of things that are … [Read more...]

Cute Cat not Cute Food


Mid-morning I polished off the grapes I just bought yesterday(!). At least this time I washed them. Since I still have some remnants of the Panamanian flu I’m trying to figure out what exactly made me sick. Someone left a comment saying I should start washing my fruit. That reminded me that I ate grapes in Panama without washing them. (I also drank the water which all the … [Read more...]

RER Interview


This morning I met local journalism student/RER reader Ryah, at Starbucks. She wanted to interview me for her features writing class. I sipped an iced coffee while pretending to be interesting for her paper. I think it went okay and I didn’t say the “B” word too many times so we’ll see if she gets an “A”. Nice to meet you Ryah! I randomly peeked into the Ralphs next door … [Read more...]

Johnny Appleseed Day with Ice Cream


Did you know today is Johnny Appleseed Day?! In honor of this prestigious holiday I chomped on an apple. No pic because I was busy eating. I’m going to double the apple love and eat some of my Pumpkin Apple Crisp… with ice cream for dessert tonight! Had some last night and forgot to mention it! Busted. I am about to leave for work and hope it’s not obvious I smudged my eye … [Read more...]

Things (This) Blogger Doesn’t Tell You…


I LOVE soy sauce and don’t know why it took me so long to buy Bragg Liquid Aminos! I picked some up at WF this weekend and am already drinking it straight up. Today I took my usual salad up a notch by adding some Bragg’s and lime juice to the Peanut Dressing. OMG. Yeah buddy! But, I still had a salt craving so I made some popcorn to go on the side. I really appreciate that I … [Read more...]

Should I Eat Sweets Everday


Mid-morning I did some work and chomped on watermelon while doing so. No pictures because my hands were too sticky I had one appointment at 11am and then came home for lunch. Big salad topped with onions, chicken, peanut dressing, crackers and the last of my cashews. These were the last of my nuts! I need more asap they really take a boring salad to a new level. I’ve had a … [Read more...]

Cupcakes For Eating not for Waiting


How’s your day? I didn’t have to work until 1pm today so I busied myself with blog stuff and cleaning. Before I left I had a big salad with Crockpot Calabasitas and all the Peruvian green sauce my money can buy. <Insert: Mid-morning I had half a random bar and half a tortilla with a few bites of chicken.> After work I ran an errand and stopped by the cupcake place to … [Read more...]

Manager’s Special Tips


I took my car in for some service this morning so Ben had to drop me off at work. We got really into this NPR story about a former gang member girl. Anyone else hear it? After my short shift (1.5 hours) I walked home. Saw this sign on the way. Right smack in the middle of Los Angeles and San Diego. Kinda. It was overcast all weekend and today the sun decides to bust out and … [Read more...]

Labor Day 2011


Today was all about fun stuff. I spent a lot of time catching up on my Google Reader and good food Today’s bread of choice was plain ol’ toasted wheat with butta. What they don’t tell you is reading blogs (especially food blogs!) makes you hungry. So, I made a big fruit salad with cottage cheese and cereal to cuddle with. I did end up ‘cheating’ on my self indulgent day by … [Read more...]

Selective Memory


Since I posted my September goals earlier I completely missed posting lunch. I ended up getting to the gym for a strength workout! (Proud of that.) On the way home I stopped by the store because I love dirty grapes. I made a big salad for lunch – this time topped with black bean burger, chickpeas and cashews. This might be my new favorite thing. Then, I worked it up until … [Read more...]

Watermelon Cat


Mid-morning I got hungry and dug into the cashew stash. 23 are a serving. I know because I checked after eating 47. This may be my last diet DP for a while so I thought I’d document it. I was pretty excited until I realized they filled up the entire cup with ice. It’s hard to tell, but it’s 1 inch below the rim. C’mon! Reader Jessica sent me the most amazing cat eating … [Read more...]

Beer and Toilet Paper


Ben came home for lunch, but since my breakfast was so late I wasn’t hungry just yet. I ended up stealing a bite of his sandwich, some chips and bell pepper strips. Then, I made a quick trip to Costco for WATERMELON. I was excited. I keep meaning to follow that “No Free Food” rule. But I refuse to turn down samples of sweet potato fries and Zone bars. Other Costco needs – … [Read more...]

Ask a Monican #16 and The Usual


Even though I had breakfast late this morning I was ready for lunch around my normal lunch time. It was the usual. Do you ever wish you were a regular at a coffee shop and Frannie the waitress  with the raspy voices says, “Morning Monica, the usual?” when you walk in? No just me? Oh, okay... I did change it up with these new-to-me chips though! They are a 99 Cent Store … [Read more...]

Big Fat Liar


I had to go to the DMV for a new license today. Luckily, I made an appointment so it wasn’t too painful. Unluckily, I didn’t realize I was going to be asked, “How much do you weigh now?” Um, I guess it is obvious I lied was optimistic that last time? Busted! I upped it a bit closer to the true number, but let’s just say my optimism isn’t completely dead I came home for a big … [Read more...]