CrockPot Black Bean Soup Recipe


I wasn’t really feeling the Meatless Monday thing this week (again), but it just so happens that the meal I’ve been cooking up all day is meatless and Mexican-y. Score one for the accidental Mexican Meatless Monday! I really want to try and make a crockpot meal at least once a week so that was my #1 goal as I put together a dinner plan for this week. I had this package of … [Read more...]

Meatfull Mexican Monday–Crockpot Chicken Tacos


Let’s settle some rumors here – the real reason I was called “Cheap and Easy” in college was for my style of cooking. Seriously, right after that picture was taken I made a snack out 99 Cent store crackers and stolen packs of restaurant jam… Anyways, here’s another super cheap and easy recipe in honor of Mexican Meatless Meatfull Monday… Crockpot Chicken Tacos 1. Take a jar … [Read more...]

Mexican Meatless Monday–Easy Enchiladas


Mexican Meatless Monday is back! I’ve been neglecting it because now that I live in Orange County I’m trying to keep my Mexican-ness on the down low. (source) Remember when I dyed my hair blonde? Talk about a FAIL Someone should have told me looking albino isn’t my thing… Not really. California is basically Mexico and I’m loud and proud about it. You should have seen me … [Read more...]

Mexican Meatless Monday–Tofu Taco Meat


I spent most of the afternoon dreaming about my planned snack. I mean, being productive Ever since I made the Killer Cake in a Mug this weekend I’ve been obsessed with it. This time I put the chocolate chips right into the cake instead of on top. Carob chips work too, but I don’t know where that stash is? I think Ben thought he was hiding the chocolate chips from me on … [Read more...]

Meatless Monday– Green Chili Casserole


Hello and welcome to another round of Mexican Meatless Monday! This week’s recipe is actually inspired by last week’s Chili Rellenos. Even though they were easy, it can get messy to make rellenos. Today I made a dish that gives you similar flavors in a one dish kinda platform. Green Chili Casserole Ingredients: 4 eggs or 1 1/3 c egg beaters 7 oz. can diced green chili 1/2 … [Read more...]

Where’s Your Sombrero?


Time to put on your Sombrero! Because it’s Mexican Meatless Monday! (I took that picture on a cruise to Baja back when I thought it was okay to go to Mexico.) Today I made Green Chili Mushroom Enchiladas. The filling: 1/2 c. onions package sliced mushrooms 1 Tb. minced garlic 1 c. shredded cheese The rest: 4 whole wheat tortillas jar of green chili salsa (or green … [Read more...]

Easy Chile Rellenos Recipe


Is it getting redundant that I put “easy” in front of every recipe I make? I just want it to be clear that there are the fancy cooking blogs of the world and then there’s RER. You won’t learn how to make Hollandaise sauce here (or something equally confusing to me)but you may want to stick around anyways, because it’s… Mexican Meatless Monday! Today I’m making Chile … [Read more...]

Mexican 3 Layer Casserole


Welcome back to another delicious round of Mexican Meatless Monday! Today’s recipe is inspired by 5 layer dip. I’ve heard there is a 7 layer dip too, but I’ve never gotten up to that many layers in my dip making experience so I can only reference 5 off the top of my head: beans, salsa, sour cream, cheese and guacamole. Plus I’ve heard that 7 layer dip includes meat and this … [Read more...]

Arroz Con Leche


This Meatless Mexican Monday dish is another dessert. Today I made Arroz con leche, literally rice with milk, but it’s basically Rice Pudding. The ingredients: 1 cup rice – I used brown because that’s all I have 2 cups milk 1/2tsp cinnamon 1 can sweetened condensed milk 4 cloves dash of salt 1/2 tsp vanilla 1/2 cup raisins – optional First combine the rice, milk, … [Read more...]

Pan De Muertos – Dead Bread


Welcome to Mexican Meatless Monday! Today I made a super authentic Mexican recipe that’s steeped in a holiday tradition. November 2nd is Day of the Dead or Dia De Los Muertos in Mexican culture. We pay homage to our dead ancestors on this day. People often build altars and decorate them with food and pictures of their relatives or go to the cemetery and decorate their graves. … [Read more...]

Mexican Meatless Monday – Black Bean Quesadillas


Hola! Bienvenido a Mexican Meatless Monday! La Cena de esta noche : Black Bean Quesadillas The other day I said I was a firework as the reason for my athletic achievements, but today I’m convinced it’s because I’m Mexican. Cain Velasquez proved it really is the “size of the fight in the dog” this weekend becoming the first Mexican-American to win the UFC heavy weight … [Read more...]

Mexican Meatless Monday – Instant Soup


Most of the time I prefer lunch to be super quick and easy. I don’t have an hour in the middle of the day to cook up a time consuming meal. And I doubt you do either. Today I have a dinner recipe planned that is not Mexican so I wanted to celebrate Mexican Meatless Monday at lunch.  I considered driving through Taco Bell for my fave Bean Burrito, but knew Mamapea would … [Read more...]

Mexican Meatless Monday – Lazy Leftovers


Last Night I made a super quick and easy dinner out of these two items – a box of whole grain Spanish rice and a can of black beans. The rice was on sale and I thought I’d give it a whirl. I cooked the rice according to package directions and then added a can of beans. Top with a little shredded cheese if you’re feeling adventurous and serve with broccoli. It doesn’t get … [Read more...]

Dirty Does It


After having the Jamba Juice Pumpkin Smash Smoothie last weekend I have been obsessed with recreating it at home. Today I assembled my ingredients and went to town.   Pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice are the two main ingredients. I also needed something to sweeten it and make it creamy. For this I decided to use a packet of Vanilla protein powder.   In the … [Read more...]

How To Cook Pinto Beans


Hello, and welcome to another round of Mexican Meatless Monday! I am your host, Monica “the Mexican” Olivas. Today we will be learning how to cook beans. Growing up, we always ate pinto beans. They were either in the fridge or on the stove at all times. We had them as a side dish or as the main part of our meal, like in bean burritos, regularly for dinner. I can clearly … [Read more...]

Mexican Meatless Monday – Mushroom Enchilada Casserole


Hello and welcome to another round of Mexican Meatless Monday, courtesy of your local Mexican blogger, Me :) Ole! This is a quick and dirty easy way to make enchiladas since you don’t have to roll them and get your hands and everything else in the kitchen covered in enchilada sauce! Mushroom Green Enchilada Casserole Ingredients: 1/2c diced onions package of … [Read more...]