Motivation Monday– Run Happy Is


Hello and Happy Monday! Winner of the Champion Gear Giveaway is: Workout Motivation Monday! As part of my love / partnership with Brooks I recently made a Run Happy Board on Pinterest. I used Brooks’ “Run Happy Is” tool to make a few images and am going to add more of my personal favorites too. Check out Brooks #RunHappyIs site if you want to make your own … [Read more...]

Motivation Monday–Come Run Ojai with me!


Happy Monday! I know this is last minute but I am going to run the Ojai Half Marathon on Sunday! And I have a discount code if you want to come out and run with me!! This is part of my “13 13s in 2013” goal and I am squeezing it in because I know there is going to be a lull in half marathons over the summer. Gotta get it in If you want to run the half marathon THIS SUNDAY … [Read more...]

Motivation Monday– Run!


Hello! I finally made it back home around 10pm last night. That was the longest drive home of my life. But, this morning I woke up feeling great and knocked out an easy 6 miles with my thoughts. It’s always fun to process an epic weekend over a run, don’t you think? Breakfast! Egg and avocado quesadilla…  I have 5 avocados from my mom’s tree that are perfectly ripe so they’re … [Read more...]

Workout Motivation Monday


Hello! It’s Monday and I thought you might need some workout motivation. Whether or not this is actually inspirational is up for debate but it does make me wanna run (or hang out with my best friend)… Pin it! Pin it! Music Monday – County Music for Running I am not a country girl, but I discovered country music last year through a client and started to really like … [Read more...]

Motivation Monday–Running Motivation


Need some Running Motivation, here ya go… And because this spoke to me this week: Workout Music Monday: Last week for Throwback Thursday I posted Valerie by Amie Winehouse on Facebook. I’m still digging her, but today it’s You Know I’m No Good. It’s not very fast, but I’m not feeling fast today so it works… Remember when I used to do Mexican Meatless Mondays? Well, I … [Read more...]

Monday Motivation For Working Out


Hello! I made it home around 2:30am last night, had a little snack and then hit the sack. Tell me you grab a snack after a long flight too so I feel better about eating at 3am. Anyway. One little note though – I flew Spirit airlines for the time and it’s not great. Spirit Airlines Review: Sucks. They charged $50.00 for a carry-on bag, $45.00 for a checked bag and a fee to … [Read more...]

Motivation and Music Monday


Hello!!! How was your weekend? I went shopping on Saturday and ran a half marathon on Sunday. My throat was still hurting when I woke up. Boo. Normally my immune system can fight things off pretty well but the combo of lack of sleep and running a half didn’t help. But, I still wanted to run this morning! I kinda just like running. Shocker. I put on my holiday half shirt … [Read more...]

Monday Morning Walk


Happy Monday! I didn’t get the best sleep last night since I was nervous I would sleep through my alarm. I kept waking up to check the time, then woke up 20 minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off and just stayed up. That’s because this morning I was co-leading a hike in Dana Point for a corporate wellness retreat. These aren’t even the pictures with a good view, but I … [Read more...]

Motivation Monday


Happy Monday! I set my alarm for 6 for an early run but it was still super dark when I set out. Since my only speed route (read: flat) is on a dark trail I decided to switch it to tomorrow for safety reasons (even though I do run faster when I’m scared!). 4 Miles Tempo: 33:01 Then, I took a shower and grabbed breakfast. I made pumpkin oats and put them in a peanut butter jar … [Read more...]

Motivation Monday–Pie Day


Hello and Happy Monday! This morning the sky was gloomy and drizzly on my boot camp. We were able to find some cover to do HIIT and strength moves though. You don’t need a lot of space to get a good work out in! Then, I ran a slow 4 miles. My legs are tired. I’ll give ‘em a rest tomorrow. Remember last Thursday when I bought Cinnamon Raisin Muffins? Well, I just ate the last … [Read more...]

Motivation Monday


Motivation Monday, because the first work day of week sets a trend for the next 4 and we’re going to make it a good one! You can buy this tank top at One More Mile. I don’t need any motivation to eat, but it’s nice to have dinner ready when I’m hungry!I used this TJ’s Curry Simmer sauce for a super easy crockpot dish. Very complicated recipe= Place 4 chicken breasts, half an … [Read more...]

Healthy No Bake Pumpkin Pie


Thanksgiving came early this year! Well, at least the pie did… A few days ago Chobani sent me some of their big containers of plain greek yogurt to try. I’ve been eating eggs for breakfast so I knew I had to incorporate the creamy goodness into a few recipes. Last night I created the easiest Protein packed Pumpkin Pie you’ve ever seen. It’s easy because it only requires 5 … [Read more...]