Messy Pancake Sunday


Happy Sunday! I really wanted to hit up a class at the gym today, but a lazy morning meant I missed it. Fail. Oh well, that just meant a beautiful walk  outside instead. First though, I made pancakes! When I make them for Ben I cook up two separate batches because he likes his pancakes with extra eggs and cooked in extra butter. The first one I made was too egg-y so I … [Read more...]

Surprise, No Surprise


Surprise!!!! The family party I went to yesterday was a surprise party for my aunt’s 60th birthday. Oddly, Ben looks more surprised than her! It’s No Surprise a Mexican party will have amazing Mexican food. I piled my plate high with everything. Rice, macaroni salad, beans, meat, pasta salad and rolls. I went back for seconds of everything :) It was homemade by my cousin - … [Read more...]

Pancakes and Coffee Catch 22


Happy Sunday! Aren’t you glad we still have another day of weekend fun?! I am I rolled out of bed after a dream where a spider was attacking me (!) and went to make coffee.   ( But, as I was putting the container back into the cupboard I dropped it and spilled everywhere!!! Boo. Apparently I need to be awake to make coffee. But I need coffee to be … [Read more...]

Sunny Sunday Pancakes and I’m Moving To China

I snuck out of bed this morning to get some pancake ingredients from the store. All I really needed was pumpkin.  I realized after the trip that most people don’t make pancakes with pumpkin. But, that’s my “go to” recipe and I don’t know how to make it without anymore I caramelized banana slices and they were like little pillows of Heaven on my tongue. So good. After … [Read more...]

California Burrito


This morning I woke up to my traditional Sunday breakfast, pancakes This batch came out perfect too! They were thick and fluffy – just like I like it I offered some to Vegas, but he wasn’t interested. Fine. More for me. I had to work this morning and decided to stay for Zumba. Post-class snack was a plum. Then, Ben and I headed to my family’s house. My mom, dad and … [Read more...]

Sore Loser


I am sore from Bootcamp on Friday. But I loved it. I don’t think it fits in with my schedule long term, but I will try to catch it again at some point   I am a loser because I ranted about how I refuse to refrigerate my condiments on Tuesday. And today when I grabbed the maple syrup for Pancake Sunday I noticed something weird… It had mold inside! Boo. I normally use … [Read more...]

Back On The Bike


It’s been almost a year since I rode my bike! I think the last time I went was in March when we were in Maryland. (I love that I can look back on things I’ve done via the blog.) Honestly, I’ve always been really bad at bike riding. I’m shaky and paranoid and just not good overall. So, I was scared that I forgot how to ride my bike Luckily, Ben was patient and we started off … [Read more...]

Pancake Sunday and Nutella


You know how some people live each day just waiting for Friday? Well, that’s how I feel about Sunday. Every week I count down the days until Sunday. Actually, let me be more specific – I count down the days until Pancake Sunday. It’s the best day of the week! Sunday used to be the only day of the week that Ben and I would sleep in. Then we would walk to the corner store to get … [Read more...]