I Want to Be a Personal Trainer!


Today was Bizeee! I took a quick break for an afternoon snoothie (that’s snack smoothie) and thanked my lucky stars foresight for setting up the crockpot with Salsa Chicken this morning! After work I headed to the gym to train a client. I didn’t end up doing a strength session, but did hop on the gazelle after for 25 minutes of striding and chatting When I got home it was … [Read more...]

Personal Training Questions Part I

I have a crazy schedule today so I busted out the crock pot for dinner. Actually this is going to be Ben’s dinner and I’ll eat leftovers. But, I wanted to mention it because this is a lifesaver if you are busy! Plus, someone asked what size slow cooker I have – it’s a 5 quart. And today it’s filled with pot roast, potatoes, carrots, spices and an inch of vegetable broth. … [Read more...]

Anniversary Thai Food and 3 Fails


Morning! Yesterday was a good day I decided to celebrate my anniversary with a food treat and got a bucket o’ soda from Sonic. When I ordered the drive through guy said, “We’re giving away a free cherry limeade with each purchase today. Would you like one?” “F yeah, I want a free limeade!” And they even made it a diet limeade! I was too happy. I drank them both. In 5 … [Read more...]

Personal Training Questions–1 Month


I have been getting a lot of questions about my new life as a Personal Trainer. I was hesitant to answer them because I am barely starting out, but figured I can do this every month or so for the first year to show how it is to get ramped up in a new career as a personal trainer. Here are some of the most common questions about my experience as a new Personal Trainer after one … [Read more...]

My New Life


A few weeks ago I got my ACE Personal Training Certification. Since I don’t have PT experience, applied to a local gym for the front desk thinking I would eventually “work up” to a PT position. But, during the interview the District Manager saw I was certified and asked me a bunch of questions about that. A day later I got a call and a job offer, but not for the front desk – … [Read more...]

Announcement and Technology


Sorry I didn't post again yesterday. I was a mess. I ended up eating a bunch of crap our of fatigue and was unbelievably tired :( But - I am back in good spirits today! It's amazing what a good night's 9 hours of rest can do for you! First, my big announcement: I've decided to become a certified personal trainer. You guys know I have been really thinking about what I … [Read more...]