Pile on the Miles Week One


Hello from the sky! I am on my way back from NYC and will have the New York Marathon recap soon. But first, here is my Saturday fun and the Pile on the Miles Week One goals. New York Saturday Saturday morning I slept in a bit (much needed after the red eye the night before!) but woke up in time to meet SkinnyRunner at City Sports for a shake-out run. It was supposed to … [Read more...]

Pile on the Miles–Check in 1


I made it to NYC! Buuuuut, I FORGOT MY GARMIN. <- Major fail of America. I don’t even know what to say for myself. I took it off after my run yesterday morning and put it by the door table, not back in my runner bin. Anyway. I am in New York for the Marathon and have some fun plans with friends before all those miles! Pile on the Miles Goals Today is November 1st! … [Read more...]

Pile On The Miles 2012 Winners


Sadly the 2012 Pile On the Miles Challenge is over. But, it was a HUGE success! 891 walkers and runners signed up to play. Together we completed 36,190.68 miles in 31 days!!! Impressive, right?! The person with the most miles is Theresa Martin with 359.1! She wins a free pair of shoes from Running Shoes.com. Theresa, please email me within 48 hours to claim your prize or … [Read more...]

Six More Days for Pile On the Miles 2012


Good day! I started my day with a slow 6 mile run. My legs feel tight and tired – I really need to get to yoga this week. Oh, and my quads said a massage would be much appreciated too. Noted. I wore my new super awesome Brooks Pure Flows the company sent me last week. I am in love with the color. Love love love! Speaking of feets… my poor toe nails are all blue and sad from … [Read more...]

Pile On the Miles–Thanksgiving Week Goals


Good day! How was your weekend? Did you catch my post-marathon vlog? It’s a train wreck and you’ve got a first class ticket in the front seat! I did 6 miles to start the day and now I’m digging into a breakfast of eggs and oatmeal Pile on The Miles Check In! How is it going? A lot of you are rocking the #POTM Challenge and hitting new distances and/or speeds! Keep it … [Read more...]

Pile On The Miles Check In


Hello! How’s it going?! This morning I did most of Jillian’s 6 Week Six Pack (skipped the burpees) and then ate a happy meal. That would be Cinnamon Raisin Ezekiel bread and eggs with a smile   Local to SoCal? My favorite Running Coach – Steve from Sole Runners just started a new training session for runners interested in training for the LA Marathon with a group (or … [Read more...]

Pile On The Miles 2012

POTM 2012

Pile On The Miles 2012 sign-ups start today! Pile On The Miles is an annual event in blogland where we challenge ourselves to walk or run more during the month of November. The goal is to pile on extra miles not pounds during this food filled time of year! This is the  Fourth Annual Pile on the Miles Challenge! The first one was in 2009 and I won 2nd place for the most … [Read more...]

Pile On the Miles–Final Results


Pile on the Miles 2011 is over The good news is everyone did amazing and I’m super happy to have been a part of it this year! The bad other news is I want to do another challenge in January!! Here are the winners of the last week’s loot. Please send me your info! 1. Love Grown Granola Pack Winner: Deanna Pogorelc 2. Odwalla Juice Pack Winner: Tia Parmar    … [Read more...]

Morning Boot Camp Training


Despite staying up late last night consuming reckless quantities of fro-yo I woke up before 5am for an early morning boot camp training. (More on this later!) I stayed up way too late last night so on the way home I had a debate in my head =  coffee vs. a nap I hope this issue gets covered in our next presidential election. Yes, I’m asleep here… Who is that doggy kitty in … [Read more...]

Pile on the Miles Week 2 Winners


Happy Friday from Monica the ghost!!! Ooooow! I will haunt your house with my lame jokes and bad photography… I woke up hungry today so I opted to eat before running. But, don’t worry I’m not changing this place to “Eat Run Repeat” just yet. Although, that does seem like a better order of things. Hmmm. Since I love “F” words I made breakfast – French Toast Friday. The usual … [Read more...]

Pile On the Miles Week One Winners


This morning Dole reps organized an easy yoga class in the Four Season’s art gallery for the bloggers. I’ve been saying I want to get back to yoga once a week for months! I’m hoping this will start my momentum back up to keep going! Even though yoga in an art studio is foreign to me, the quiet setting was very peaceful and appropriate. Then, we had breakfast, my favorite part … [Read more...]

Pile on the Miles Day One and Early Morning


In Panama Ben and I woke up pretty early everyday, so my body is still on that time - I woke up at 5am again today! And I don’t have to go into work until 4pm. I decided to go to the gym for a strength session. Halloween is over, but I’m still scary… The gym was pretty empty, which I prefer for strength workouts   I warmed up on the stair climber for 15 minutes and then did … [Read more...]

Pile On The Miles 2011


It’s almost time for the annual Pile on the Miles Challenge!!!(image source) This challenge started in 2009 courtesy of bloggers Bobbi (In Her Shoes) and Caitlin (Healthy Tipping Point). This year I’ll be organizing it, but you can also contact Bobbi with questions since she’s down to pitch in Last year over 200 people participated and I’d love for even more of you to … [Read more...]

POTM Victory Dance Extravaganza

Remember when I won second place in Bobbi's Pile on the Miles Challenge? Well, yesterday I came home to  BIG ol' package from her. It was my victory loot! My final results were 131.38 miles!   She sent me so many goodies! I was beaming about all this great stuff as I pulled it out of the box. I got a package of Camelback Elixir, Zap Peanut Butter, 2 different Camelback water … [Read more...]

Pile On The Miles Challenge Results

So the Pile On the Miles Challenge is over and I did not win :,( Boo. I got second place. I am demanding a recount! Sammie over at Running with a Recipe beat me by about 4.5 miles. I was mad at myself when I saw the results because I could have busted out 5 more miles for the win, but I didn't know how many miles everyone else had run, so I had no idea where I was in the … [Read more...]

Pile on the Miles

So, in more positive news, I joined Bobbi at In Her Shoes' Pile on the Miles Challenge. From Nov 8th to Nov 30th participants will log how many miles they run and who ever runs the most wins!!! I am so excited because I am doing pretty good with that right now. I do take 2 days off a week, which is my biggest disadvantage. I am hoping the other girls (I think they're all … [Read more...]