Write Me Up


How’s your day going? Mine’s good My 11am personal training client cancelled so I’ve been able to catch up on some blog and writing work. I used to work from home a few days a week as a recruiter. Since my boss would send passive aggressive emails I had someone to answer to I was really good about getting my work done. But, now that you are my boss I feel like I’ve been … [Read more...]

Q and A with Monica


Question: What’s cuter – a senior couple walking and holding hands… or mini-pop tarts (sample I had at Costco)? Answer: The lil’ couple by a 1000x. Question: What’s weirder than a girl taking pictures of her food on the conveyor belt in front of 10 other people? Answer: Nothing. I guess I put on quite a show with the stares I was getting. Awkward. Question: What’s … [Read more...]

Good To Great


Have you seen this new video Move Your Body – by Beyonce? (source) It’s a 4 minute song with dance moves intended to get kids (and adults if you want) to move in a fun way. It’s part of Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign. I love it! Last night my dad and I were discussing how childhood obesity is rampant among minorities. I’m totally in support of getting kids to move … [Read more...]

Mug of Love


I am cold, but cannot be stopped from making smoothies for breakfast! After an easy 6 miler this morning I tried to talk myself into different, warmer breakfast options. But, I reeeeally wanted a smoothie! So that was that. In the mix: ice, frozen spinach, protein powder, almond milk, chia seeds. On the side I enjoyed PB&PB toast. It’s December 1st! I love my new … [Read more...]

No 5K Friday


In keeping with the Zero Week training plan I skipped a run this morning and opted for a morning yoga session. I only go to Level 1 classes right now, so it’s more of a stretch session than a work out, but it’s the only way I’ll a.) ever stretch and b.) actually coax myself to go to yoga. Pre-yoga fuel to go: Smoothie and PB&PB. After yoga I went to Trader Joe’s. They … [Read more...]

Cranberry Roasted Turnips, Sweet Potatoes and Apples


Thank you all for the help on Naming My Veggies! It was seriously a huge help in being able to at least name my new food! After finding out what my loot was named I went in search of recipes. I loved the sound of the recipes you sent, but already found this one for the turnips and was sold. Tonight’s dinner recipe was inspired by this recipe I found on My Recipes.com. I … [Read more...]

I Want To Be Better


After my failed attempts with other protein powders a reader informed me that a local market – Mother’s Market and Kitchen has my fave brand! I looked it up and it turns out it’s super close to my house. Warning: This place is a dangerous place for a food blogger who loves vegetarian restaurants. I have been to another Mother’s location in Huntington Beach a long time ago. … [Read more...]

Lunch Time???


I woke up crazy early this morning when Ben woke up for work, like 4am early. After he left I went back to sleep for a bit and then got up and checked email (which I am super drowning in). By the time I left for my run I had been up too long and suddenly got SUPER HUNGRY at mile 3. At that point I was a mile away from home so I turned around and headed back. I wanted to do … [Read more...]

Running Hair


I run. I have a lot of hair. Not that kind of hair, I wax. Anyways, my hair can cause a lot of problems on my runs. This is me after my first marathon (excuse the drunk look in my eyes, I did just run my first mary and all)… It took me a very long time to get this rat’s nest out. And really, after running the last thing I want to do is F with my hair for an hour. My mom … [Read more...]

My Food Philosophy


I am reading Naturally Thin and am really liking it! Yesterday I got to a section in the book where you fill in things about your eating habits, food preferences and food philosophy. That last one stopped me in my tracks. I mean, I have a food blog, I have very strong views on food issues, yet I haven’t voiced my “food philosophy”. *Because I’m a runner I think food is … [Read more...]

Rule #34: Don’t Buy It


Healthy Living Rule #34: If you don’t want to eat it, Don’t buy it. This is a simple rule, but one I sometimes break. Like I did today for example. I just ran into the store for one thing. Yes, I actually ran. Now I that I have clearance from the PT I run everywhere = around the supermarket aisles, in church, to my car in the parking lot. Kidding. Of course I came out … [Read more...]

Straw versus Spoon


I know it’s never a good idea to discuss politics with friends, but I’ve finally decided to bring up a very controversial subject on RER. And I welcome you to weigh in on what side you’re on…I promise I won’t judge. Are you a Straw person or a Spoon person???  Whenever I drink a smoothie I have this inner struggle with myself. Do I choose based on how I was raised or do … [Read more...]

B. Sprout is Back


I feel like it’s been sooo long since I’ve had roasted brussel sprouts! I guess my travels last week gave me withdrawals! Well, never fear – they are back! It was a whole roasted feast with Roasted Brussel Sprouts and Roasted Chickpeas. I tossed the chickpeas in TJ’s teriyaki sauce mixed with red pepper flakes and soy sauce– perfect combo of sweet, salty and spicy. I went … [Read more...]

Track Time


Ben and I took a walk this afternoon. We found a high school track and thought about going for a 400m run :) But I decided not to because my knee feels a little “annoyed” and I want to keep it happy! Don’t mind me, just wearing Ben’s sweatshirt looking like a tragedy… We are dorks :) While I was out and about I got an iced coffee. I was soooo tired today! I guess … [Read more...]

Making Healthy Food Appealing


We recently received a coupon flier from McDonald's. I guess Ben thought it was weird that I kept it so he flipped through it. Then he saw this ad and said, "I know what you want from McDonald's, this..." Yes, have you heard? McDonald's has oatmeal. Now, I haven't tried it yet, but this is what I've heard... It's maple oatmeal with dried fruit at about 280 calories. But, … [Read more...]

Who am I?


I'm currently sipping on iced coffee. This is kinda weird for me and got me thinking - "Who am I?" I have recently developed this new coffee habit and didn't really think anything of it until I keep reading about so many people who try to cut back on coffee. I figure it's a lot better than Diet Coke (especially when I sweeten it with Stevia!). I'm not too stressed about my … [Read more...]