Los Angeles Marathon Expo


Hello! I hit up the Los Angeles Marathon expo today. Who ran Rock N’ Roll DC?! How’d it go? This morning I started my day with a short walk around Dana Point. I am leading a wellness walk this week and did a trial walk to check it out. More info coming next week. Then, I came home to pack my race gear… I’m about 50 miles south of Los Angeles so a little drive and a lot of … [Read more...]

Surf City Race Expo


Hello and Happy Weekend time First, I have to back up for a second and profess my love to the Warm Whiskey Chocolate Cake I had last night. Yes. Please. (If you follow me on Instagram @RunEatRepeat you’d be one step ahead of the game.) Okay… this morning I met up with the lovely Skinny Runner to attend the Surf City Marathon / Half Marathon Expo. First we had to make a the … [Read more...]

Tinkerbell Half Marathon Expo


I have been excited for the first Tinkerbell Half Marathon since I heard about this race on Disney’s Facebook page the beginning of last year! I remember  emailing (non runner) friends to join me back in April. Unfortunately no one took me up on the offer, but I’m still planning to make this a fun race! Even though I am a Southern California girl I’ve never been able to … [Read more...]