This morning I ran the Fontana Half Marathon. It’s billed as the fastest half in the world and last year (for me anyways), it was! But this year I crashed and burned. I didn’t expect to PR again this year for a lot reasons: I haven’t been running well lately. I’ve gained some weight since last year. I haven’t been training (just running how I want). My mental game has … [Read more...]

Long Beach Marathon Recap


Alternate Titles – 5 Seconds Saved Me (instead of last year’s Four Minutes Away title) Or  Monica’s Last Marathon Early this morning I woke up and did my pre-race thing – clothes, bathroom, food. Then, I woke up Ben and Matt (my lil’ bro who’s staying with me this weekend) and we headed to Long Beach. They dropped me off near the start and went to go have breakfast. I … [Read more...]

Race day eats make me happy

I did it! I PR'd at the OC Marathon and I'm very happy. Ahhhhh!!! Check out the stats from my last half and then from this one: Long Beach Half Marathon - Oct 2008 - 1h:57m:12s OC Half Marathon - May 2009 - 1h:52m:59s It was hard for me to sleep last night - I was super nervous! I get really nervous  before races even though I've ran the distance in the past. So many fears … [Read more...]