New York City Marathon Results and Recap


I ran the New York City Marathon! This is my last marathon of the year (I’m pretty sure) and it was the BEST race to cap off an epic year The day started off at 5:50am with Steve. He was my partner-in-crime for this journey and he’s back on my favorites list. The production of getting to the start on Staten Island is part of the journey. We took a bus from the hotel and … [Read more...]

Eat More Watermelon at the Marine Corps Marathon


Updated to add: Pile on the Miles 2013 sign-ups start next week! We will be piling on miles and NOT pounds this Nov with the free challenge. Stay tuned!!  This morning I found myself right back where I started… last week. LAX! I’m headed to Washington DC for the Marine Corps Marathon! The National Watermelon Board is a sponsor of the race and they gave me a bib for this … [Read more...]

Meeting the BEST Runners in the USA–Beach to Beacon Press Conference


Wow. Friday was The.Best.Day. I have been bursting with excitement to tell you all about how I met Meb and Ryan Hall and Deena Kastor!!!  I can’t even handle it. First let me back up a step… I got into Maine super late Thursday and took a cab to the Inn. We stayed at Higgin’s Beach Inn and it was the cutest! I woke up and took a walk down to the beach on Friday, but it … [Read more...]

Rock N Roll New Orleans Expo


Hello from New Orleans!!! I am having a blast. Last night I checked out Bourbon St. and it was epic. This hand grenade helped make it even epic-er… This morning I woke up bright and early to watch the ING Run for Something Better kids race. The kids were doing their final 1.2 miles. For more information check out Orange I’m going to be making a few announcements … [Read more...]

Surf City Marathon President Ricardo


Soooooo, a lot of you were asking if you missed where I said whether I was doing the Full or Half marathon at Surf City. Well, you didn’t miss the announcement – I didn’t say because I wasn’t sure. Every year after Long Beach I sign up for Surf City and every year I party too hard during the holidays and stop training. Most years I end up not running or dropping to the half. … [Read more...]

LA 13.1 Half Marathon is the Best Day


Today was my idea of an amazing day! Race, Eat, Nails, Repeat. I love it! This morning I drove north to Venice for the L.A. 13.1 Half Marathon. I am always excited for half marys, but I was going solo on this one –I didn’t know anyone else running the race. Sooo, I wasn’t sure if this would be as fun as usual. Back in the day when I was just a little gigolo I always had Ben … [Read more...]

Holiday Fun Run 10k in Long Beach


Hello! Last night Ben and I headed to Disneyland to meet my mom, dad and little brother for dinner. (We have annual passes.) Unfortunately, we were rained out so we had to scramble and make a Plan B. We passed by a shopping center with a bunch of restaurants and quickly decided to meet there. I shopped while we waited for them, but didn’t find a Christmas party dress. 1.5 … [Read more...]

Packing for the New York Marathon


Hello, when we last spoke I was telling you about how I dramatically fell on this morning’s easy 4 miler. Does anyone else find it ironic that I can walk 3 miles reading Google Reader on my phone but can’t run 4 miles without crashing?! I iced my knee 2 times today and took Ibuprofen this morning. It’s just a little stiff for now, hopefully it won’t get worse overnight. … [Read more...]

Rock N Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon


This morning I woke up before 5am to get on the road 2 hours before the RnR Halloween Half Marathon in LA. Los Angeles is about 50 miles north of me so I figured a hour to drive there and an hour to park/get to the start. I flew down the freeway until I got to the exit for the race. Then, stuff got crazy. Short story: I sat on the freeway off ramp bridge for 45 minutes inching … [Read more...]

Rocking San Diego


After yesterday’s half Chandra and I packed up our gear, grabbed Skinny Runner and headed down to San Diego. SR was doing the Rock N Roll Full Marathon and Chandra and I were running the half. San Diego is about 80 miles south of me… We checked into the hotel and headed to dinner at El Vitral. Lindsey and Anna our our Chocolate Milk hostesses (read: people responsible for … [Read more...]

Reach the Beach Leg #2


Alternate title: Monica completely freaks out while running and embarrasses herself in front of her team and the camera guy. Let me start from the beginning… Since New Balance was sponsoring us and Reach the Beach works with them closely we had a camera guy with us all weekend. We did pre-interviews and pictures and he was filming the entire race. So he caught all the … [Read more...]

Race Day Check List


Happy Friday! Today is  my last run before the marathon I warmed up with a little cat dancing. Then, took off for 3 miles. I kept the pace up, but not on purpose – I think it’s jitters that kept me going! I always say I can’t do tempo or speed runs because I don’t tell my body how fast to go – it tells me. So I’m not positive what to expect on race day. I know I’ll try. … [Read more...]

Fourth of July Races


Hello and Happy Wednesday! Run: 6 miles. I felt slow and sluggish the whole time What gives? Before I went for my run I wrote out my day. It’s crazy! I still haven’t gotten into the groove of balancing my new life with the blog. Working on it… In addition to work, blogging and other writing I also have to wash Vegas clothes… At least I have Waffle Wednesday to make me … [Read more...]

Running For The First Time


No wonder I PR’d in the Fontana Half Marathon – it was the first time I ever RAN in a race! Okay, maybe I’ve run in races before, but I never had the pictures to prove it. Race pictures always show me walking – like this one from the Arizona RnR Half. I got the race pictures from the Fontana Half today and I’m actually running! Who’d a thought I could do that?! I do have to … [Read more...]

Fontana Half Marathon–Fastest Half in the US!


I had a half marathon this morning that is about 63 miles away in Fontana, CA. Since I had to pick up my packet and catch a bus to the start, I set my alarm for 3:45am. I crawled into bed right around 10pm. A few minutes later Ben stumbles in the door from Happy Hour/Going Away party for a co-worker. He had a few ton too many adult beverages. Long story short I was kept up ALL … [Read more...]

Laguna Hills Half Marathon PR


I totally did not expect to do that well in the Laguna Hills Half Marathon today. And I certainly did not think I was going to PR, but sometimes all the stars align and the running gods God feels sorry for you and throws you a bone. Thank you Baby Jesus I need this – Laguna Hills Half Marathon 1:47:04 I guess the main reason I didn’t expect to rock this race was that I only … [Read more...]