Women’s Half Marathon in Bloomington


Growing up with brothers I have always considered myself a ‘guy’s girl’. I play rough, say too many bad words and get along with the boys. But, as I get older I realize more and more how important my girlfriends are. I have been blessed with some solid friendships over the last few years and I am so so grateful I have my girls to love and support me even when I’m a mess in … [Read more...]

Training for a Marathon– What to Eat


When I mentioned that changing how I fuel for a marathon changed EVERYTHING about the race – everyone wanted to know if I got into Lance Armstrong’s stash what I was eating?! Figuring out what/when to eat and drink while training for a marathon is a very very important part of training. And everyone is different – some people can’t handle certain types of gels/chews/drinks. I … [Read more...]

Reach the Beach Leg 3–Grade B


This is my last Reach the Beach post and I’m sad. First, I want to give a huge Thank You to New Balance and the Reach the Beach organization. They really hooked us up all the way and made the experience so much more awesome. Thank you! And I also have to give a shout out to Jack our camera guy and and his crew. I’m sure it wasn’t easy living in a van with 12 loud, smelly … [Read more...]

Hot Chocolate 15k Dinner


Last night I was invited to a dinner in San Diego organized by RAM Racing, the Hot Chocolate 15K people. It’s not exactly around the corner (more like 80 miles south) but I was lucky enough to hitch a ride with some blogger friends. I almost signed up for a new race on my phone after talking about running and races the entire car trip! The event was held at Avenue 5 in San … [Read more...]

Lost In L.A. Traffic


Hello! I was MIA yesterday because I had to take a little trip to Los Angeles. First, I had a quick appointment around 1:30p so I packed lunch… Then, I met up with my friend Susan (the one who just got married!) to hit up the Los Angeles 13.1 race expo. I was really hoping Susan would sign up for the race, but no dice. The expo for the L.A. 13.1 was sad – just a table where … [Read more...]

Surf City Half Marathon Report


Today started out like any other race day, with PB&J and coffee. I also had a dilemma… I was signed up for the Full Marathon, but decided to do the half when I realized I wasn’t ready and might risk injury and would have a very long recovery. The decision was made, but I wasn’t sure if I should wear my timing chip. I didn’t want it to record the wrong time or to show that … [Read more...]

Surf City Expo 2011


Ben and I have been having problems being a one car family, so he used craiglist to go used car shopping today and dragged me along. I brought a lunch because I knew he wouldn’t want to stop for a while. I ate this while he took a test drive. I felt like a weirdo in some random parking lot eating out of a tupperware like I’m in a lunch room at noon. “Who’s that creepy … [Read more...]

Rock N’ Roll Phoenix Half Marathon Recap


I did it! I PR’d in the half marathon– but let’s start from the beginning… First thing you do on half marathon morning is go the restroom. The second thing is put on sunblock. I put it on before I put my shirt on so I don’t miss the spots around my neck. Don’t let these Mexican genes fool you – I burn like a box full of newspaper. Unfortunately, I forgot my spray sunblock … [Read more...]

More Rock N’ Roll


Hello from Arizona! Ben and I slept in a bit this morning – we’re on vacation   Then, we had some very important things to accomplish today – the most important of which was BREAKFAST. Ben wanted a sit down place so we looked up a 5 star rated breakfast spot – First Watch. I’ve seen this place on Meghann’s blog and was excited to try it out in AZ not FL. I wanted … [Read more...]

Rock N Roll Las Vegas Expo


When we finally woke up today I did not feel like going anywhere but I was HUNGRY! Luckily I brought snacks for the weekend, so Luna bars and a banana made up breakfast. Actually one of the Luna bars made a midnight snack and I found the wrapper this morning. I didn’t feel like drinking coffee, but I thought it would be a good idea considering the circumstances. So after … [Read more...]

Stink No More!


Remember when I was all excited about my new running shoes? Well, after running in them a few times I've decided they didn't offer enough support so I took them back today. I traded them in for a pair of old faithfuls, Adidas Supernova... The salesman mentioned that I get 25% off of everything today (and today was the last day). So, I wandered around the store so I could … [Read more...]

Serious about Running

I have always said that I run because I like it, well actually – I love it. It’s my favorite hobby after blogging :) But, I think I need to take it more seriously since I’m training for 26.2 miles and all. I had another super crappy run this weekend and it’s very frustrating. I’m at a point where another bad run is going to break my spirit. Boo. After I walked a lot of my 11 … [Read more...]

Amazing Greens Challenge Update

Today is Day 5 of the Amazing Grass Challenge and I haven't really felt a difference. So, I'm going to up my intake and drink it 2 times a day. I'll let you know if I feel any healthier now! Wednesday Workout - I started the day with 8 minute abs and then 5.5 miles. I didn't wake up earlier enough to fit in 30 Day Shred before my run, so I may do some strength moves later. I … [Read more...]

Cold Turkey & Race Depression

Even though the Half Marathon is about 13 days away I'm kinda disappointed that I don't have a full Marathon planned for the near future. I decided against signed up for the RnR SD because I wouldn't have been ready in time, training for a marathon while planning a wedding & running a full mary 20 days before my wedding was just too much. But, I'm still sad about it. So, I … [Read more...]