Brooks Run Happy Makeover Giveaway


You guys know I’m super not fancy. Exhibit A:   I call myself a “Messican” because I am such a mess when it comes to dressing cute. But, I’m very lucky and thankful that Brooks has brought me on as an ambassador and hooked me up with gear so I can ‘get it together’! Going outside for a run is my favorite part of the day / only time I’m out so I have been trying to make a … [Read more...]

Love ‘em OR Leave ‘em?


I am a Brooks Run Happy Ambassador and recently the company contacted me with a fun offer – In the spirit of Valentine’s Day I could outfit someone and take them out on a “Run Happy” date. Being a running shoe nerd, I was super excited to pick out a pair of Brooks running shoes for Ben. I took into consideration – his size, potential mileage and crazy high ballerina arches. I … [Read more...]

Just The Tip Tuesday–#2 Most Important Piece of Running Gear


I think a good running shoe is the most important piece of equipment for a runner. But, a good running sports bra comes in at #2 for girls. So, when a company hits me up to review their sports bra I gladly accept because they are expensive and I want to save you the trouble of buying a 50 dollar article of clothing that’s not going to do you any favors Today I tried the … [Read more...]

Wireless Headphones Review


Hello! First off let me make an announcement…. Run Eat Repeat is now an official registered trademark!!! I'm pretty excited about this. Now I just need to figure out what I'm going to do with this lil' website... I started my day off with a little run to the gym again. And this time I brought along a piece of running gear I’ve been playing with for the past few weeks - … [Read more...]

Brooks Nightlife Vest Review


Hello! This morning I woke up around 5am with Ben’s early alarm (he’s on an early sched this week). So, I was up and ready to run a few easy miles before the sun. I’m always hesitant to run before the sun (mostly because I’m scared of the dark) but Brooks recently sent me the perfect piece of gear for this - Brooks Nightlife Vest The most obvious thing that makes it great … [Read more...]

Brooks Running Skirt Review and Giveaway


Happy Wednesday! I decided to run the mile to the gym this morning and do some much needed strength work. I wore my new Brooks Running PR Mesh Skort and am excited to share this review. Warning: These pics were taken in my room because it was still dark outside. The sun is already coming up later and the days are getting shorter. Boo. A few months ago I was asked to be a … [Read more...]

Brooks Pure Project Shoes–Giveaway


Happy Thursday! I got a full 8 hours of sleep last night and am feeling good! After making Ben a super quick breakfast I ran out the door and did 6 miles. They were supposed to be tempo but with the uphill out / downhill back it went: w/u; 8:38; 8:55; 8:06; 8:38; c/d. I’m not a fan of hills, but it’s good that I get used to them for New York! Post run – egg sandwich with … [Read more...]

Brooks Core Shoe


This morning I was freaking out thinking I was going to get scurvy because we had NO FRUIT in the house. How did Ben survive?! Then, I found these grapefruit cups we bought from Costco the other day and the crisis was delayed (not averted as I still needed more). Since we’re on the topic, let’s get the other eats out of the way. I made a super quick trip to TJ’s for more … [Read more...]

Zensah Compression Socks Review


You’ve probably already heard of Girls on the Run around the blog world. It’s an organization the works with pre-teens to encourage self respect through running. I’ve wanted to get involved with them for over a year now, but there is no Orange County Chapter. I met with a few locals to start a chapter last year, but it fell through. Well, the organization is still very much on … [Read more...]

Mizuno Wave Rider Pink Running Shoes


I really don’t ask for much in life. All I’ve ever wanted is… 1. No cellulite. (What? I can dream!) 2. A red car. (Yes, any red car.) 3. To always be the perfect temperature. 4. Calorie free chocolate cake. And 5. Pink Running shoes Finally one of those dreams came true!!! Apparently wishes you make on shooting stars go directly to the Mizuno In Box because a … [Read more...]

Not Super Cold Weather Running Gear


Yep, it’s getting cold in Southern California! As soon as I stepped out of our bedroom I felt a chill (we have a room heater in there) and checked the weather outside. Brrrr! But, I know these temps are very mild compared to many other parts of the county. I also realize that low 40s require some extra gear to run, but not thermals and a parka! I’ve made the mistake of … [Read more...]

Long Run Running Shoes


Happy Monday! I started my day with a 5 mile run. I specifically didn’t bring my ipod since this was a recovery run and music sometimes makes me go faster (at least on the good songs). No. Since I did 19 miles on Saturday I knew I should pay attention to my body not Katy Perry telling me I’m a Firework I get a lot of questions about running shoes and really believe everyone … [Read more...]

Running Hair Must Haves


I’m not on the Bondi Band wagon, but get a lot of questions about them. Sorry friends, I have never tried one and can’t speak to it. But, I do have a ton of hair on my back and through trial and error have figured out what works for me. This is my hair before a race: This is my hair after running that race: It took me 3 hours, 2 brushes, a lot of tears and conditioner to get … [Read more...]

Fourth of July Feast and Running Shorts


Yesterday’s Fourth of July feast was courtesy of a Manager’s Special… That’s not a “real” burger it’s a portabello I made Portabello Mushroom burgers with sweet potatoes and approximately a gallon of ketchup. First, I marinated the ‘shrooms in some Italian dressing… The grill marks are courtesy of my George Foreman. Dinner was lacking protein so I made a protein shake as … [Read more...]

My Newest Race Shirt


This morning I am wearing my race shirt from the Black Cat 10 miler I did the week before last. I have joked that I love technical race tees because it saves me money on running gear! I know some girls don’t wear their race tees because they can be sloppy on petite people, but I guess that’s a perk of being big boned? Here is a run down of the race shirts I’ve collected over … [Read more...]

Best Running Shoes


The most important part of my running gear are my shoes. I am not really a “shoe girl” but I am a “running shoe” girl all the way! So, I am always on the hunt for the best running shoes. I used to wear Asics running shoes. While training for the Long Beach Marathon I ran in Asics GT-250. Thanks to the blog I realize I got them in August and they are past their “Best By” date! … [Read more...]