Time and Temperature


Happy Tuesday!!! I am super busted because I woke up early to run (beat the heat!), but ended up getting sucked into emails for 45 minutes. Then, my best friend in the world Cindy called and we HAD TO chat.She got engaged this weekend!!! So, we have a ton to discuss. But, is it funny that we mainly talked about the Bachelorette Party and exercise? She wants me to create a … [Read more...]

It’s Okay


Yesterday on the drive home from San Diego I read Valerie Waters' book and contemplated her advice. During my consultation she told me I probably had no idea what/how much I’m eating. I dismissed this in my head because ‘hello, I’m a FOOD BLOGGER’. I take pictures of my food – how do I not know what I’m eating?! Yeah, she is right. I actually don’t know, because so much of it … [Read more...]


I was supposed to do 14 miles today, but ended up having a really bad run and walking most of the hills and cutting out at 12 miles. I was super defeated :( It really sucks to have a bad run, I feel like crap now. Boo. But, to keep it in perspective, it's not the end of the world I have another long run next weekend. The race must go on... Before I left I had almond butter … [Read more...]

Disney World Marathon Training

Here is a link to my training plan for the Disney World Marathon January 10, 2010! Disney World Marathon Training I broke each day of the week down like this: Sunday: Rest day/Yoga or strength training Monday: MP = Marathon Pace run Tuesday: Hills or Speed work Wednesday: Easy run Thursday: Rest day/Strength Friday: Easy run Saturday: Long Run I change my training … [Read more...]

Back to work

I left my old job 2 weeks ago and in that time I've packed up all my stuff in Southern California and drove all the way across the US to Maryland. It still feels like a vacation, but today I'm going back to work. I start my new reporting job and I will keep you all posted with my stories :) Mary Training: I did an easy 4 miles this morning and came home (that feels weird to … [Read more...]

Cold Breakfast

After a hot run this morning there was only 1 thing on my mind - Smoothie! I actually used to get Jamba Juice smoothies after all my long runs in the summer. They gave me something to live run for :) I did 5 miles that seemed pretty rough the whole time (???). I was huffing and puffing the entire time :( After that it was smoothie and PB/AB toast time! Now I'm munching on … [Read more...]

Hill Day & Food Budget

Marathon Training - 6 miles with hills The Runner's World Training Program describes Hill Days like this: Run the mileage for the day on the hilliest course you can find. This will build a base of strength in the first seven weeks. The path nearby my new place has a gradual incline the whole way out, so I basically did 3 miles slightly up hill out and slight downhill on the … [Read more...]

Here's the plan…

I've decided to use the Runner's World Marathon Challenge training plan for the Marine Corps. I haven't had any time to read Run Less and really want to do that program right if I'm gonna give it a shot. Today is Day 1 of training and it called for an Easy 4. After I was done I had a naner with PB - I have realized that if I don't have healthy fats with breakfast I am more … [Read more...]

Hot hot hot!

It was over 90 degrees yesterday & today at 7am I ran past a marquee at a park and it was already 71! I am a warm weather girl all the way, but I've found that my favorite running temp is around 55 degrees. I get warmed up super fast & stay that way! But, I love "just hanging out" weather to be about 80 with a nice breeze :) I'm looking at a potential job opportunity … [Read more...]

All the stars aligned…

All the stars aligned this morning and I finally had a great run! I am so happy because I felt very beaten down from a week of bad runs. I guess it happens. I have said in the past that all the stars have to align in order for me to have a good run since I'm not "made" to be a runner. So, I need the perfect weather, rest, fuel, shoes, etc - in order for me to do just okay! 15 … [Read more...]

2 weeks notice

Today I wanted to quit running. I wasn't even going to give it 2 weeks notice, I just wanted to quit. For some reason my legs felt like lead today. There is no explanation for it - I got enough sleep, I ate well last night...I have been missing my 30 minute after run window to eat, maybe that's it? I dunno, I just had a "lead legs" run. Boo. I made myself finish 5 miles and … [Read more...]

The hills are alive

I always run on completely flat routes, so hills really kill me. I know I should start incorporating some kind of hill running in my training though. I ran up and down a near by hill 2 times and I was dead by the end of it. For the entire rest of my 5.5mile run I wanted to take a walk break. That's tragic. For some reason my breakfast pic is MIA - it was Swiss Oats - oatmeal … [Read more...]

Just me, myself and I

I woke myself up early this morning to get out and run. I don't like to run too late because I never know if it's going to get hot here. Since Ben is out of town I went to one of my old running paths. It's about 25 minutes from where I live right now. I did 14 miles and walked to cool down a bit. Before I left I had a piece of bread with PB. On the way home from my run I saw … [Read more...]

And by Half I mean Full…

Half Marathon Training Clarification : The mileage on my weekly long runs is actually the mileage I would run to train for a FULL MARATHON. My training program is almost treating the OC Half as a practice run for the full marathon. I am considering running the SD RnR May 31st, so I need to have a lot more miles logged than if I was only doing a half mary. Basically, I am … [Read more...]

Road Run

I have a set little route I run on Wednesdays. It's about 7.5 miles out and back and it's great because there are only 3 lights (each way) for the entire time! But, the city (?) has been doing road/sidewalk construction for the last 2 weeks. There is no sidewalk on the other side of the very busy street so I just have to try and dodge bulldozers and huge cement trucks - this … [Read more...]

Running keeps you humble

Running keeps you humble. I was thinking about this today as I was out on a 16 miler that ended up being a 15.5 miler. (I had to talk myself into the last mile and a half too.) I have ran half marathons and recently a full marathon, I've been running for over 5 years, but every long run is still a surprise. I can have a completely amazing run or a horrible one. Sometimes I will … [Read more...]