Lady Bugs On a Log


Good day to you After boot camp I was tempted to go for a run (it was freezing and I wanted to get warm fast!), but I knew my legs needed a rest so I went home for breakfast instead. I was craving eggs and I wanted oatmeal, so I had both. But, egg whites and oatmeal remind me of something a body builder would eat (maybe I’ve been reading too many body building mags). I better … [Read more...]

Fig Jam and Cottage Cheese Snack


Yesterday afternoon I went on the hunt for a healthy snack. I wanted something sweet, but with a little protein so I wouldn’t be too much of a snack monster the rest of the day. I took a cracker… Spread some Fig Jam on it… And topped it with cottage cheese. Delicious and super easy! I’ve been trying to go to sleep early this week so Ben and I haven’t been eating dinner … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Vitatop Parfait


Remember not too long ago, when I shared my knowledge about the new Vitatop flavor being Pumpkin? Well, I also “shared my money” with the company in exchange for some of their wonderful new treats. This my friends, is a Pumpkin Spice Vitatop. On it’s own it’s just okay. I’m not a big fan of the pumpkin seeds on top. They just don’t “go” with the flavor of the cake. But when … [Read more...]

Stay Golden


Apparently, I’m the next Betty White because I had dinner at 5pm today. Actually, it was a little closer to 4:30, but that’s just details. It’s official, I now eat dinner (if you can call it that) before Oprah is over. (source) In reality I think I’m more “Blanche” than anyone else though… If you have to ask why, you don’t know me, or The Golden Girls at all. I’m not … [Read more...]

Pump Up the Protein


First off, THANK YOU all so much for your amazing and kind comments on my last post. No matter how long I blog I don't think it's ever going to get easy to put myself out there like that. I truly appreciate every single comment. Thank you :) Today I tried to make an effort to pump up the protein in my life. I made a protein cake thinger (it’s a technical term) for breakfast … [Read more...]

Lunch Dessert and Dinner Dessert


Something was missing from my lunch today. After I was done with my salad and fruit… and my tragic frozen meal (which left a lot to be desired) I still felt unsatisfied. I decided lunch dessert was in order, or should I say “lessert”? Yes, that’s better :) This afternoon I babysat. I have brought trail mix as a snack a few times and one of them really likes it. We … [Read more...]

The Doc is In


So, my doctor's appointment went well today!I went to my primary care physician so, she wasn't really able to diagnose me (without an MRI) but she did feel around and said there was no  real swelling or liquid behind my knee cap. And she gave me a prescription for anti-inflams (to which I called Ben and screamed "Pills!!! I've got to get my Pills!!!" because he thinks making … [Read more...]

Clean First, Chocolate Later Later


I really wanted to go out and get some good chocolate this afternoon, but I realized I had more important things I wanted to accomplish today - like cleaning the tornado that is my apartment and school work. So, I was responsible and cleaned and am just now hitting the books. Well, actually right now right now I'm blogging - but I will do school stuff soon ;) or later later I … [Read more...]

Ice, Ice Baby


Everyone was curious about my weird ice pack. Ha! I got it from Target a while back. It is actually made for icing and came in a row of four ice squares. I cut it in half so I have two of them. One side is flat and the other has the ice squares... Lunch was random handfuls of crackers and cheese - no pic because I didn't expect to actually eat that much. Since I didn't feel … [Read more...]

Use Your Noodle


I have been craving peanut noodles for a while now, but keep forgetting to make it. Tonight I remembered and roasted up some broccoli to go with it. Yum! In the afternoon I had some carrots with hummus and cereal with milk. I also ate part of a muffin (while standing, no pic)... The Beck Diet - Let me clarify for those who aren't familiar - The Beck Diet Solution Workbook is … [Read more...]

Wet Walk


I was NOT looking forward to my walk home this afternoon. It was rainy and cold outside and I had a 3.4 mile walk ahead of me. Boo. I really had no choice but to do it, but if I had a way to weasel out of it, I would have. I had an umbrella, but my hands were freezing! My car will be here in about 2 weeks and now that it's getting cold I can't wait!! My afternoon snackage … [Read more...]

Snowcone Oasis

After work I decided to try and walk to Costco and figured Ben could pick me up there. A half a mile there and I realized the rest of the way was on a busy highway with no sidewalk. So, I vetoed that plan and decided to walk home. That added a significant distance to my walk! I had been walking over an hour when I saw an oasis... It's a snow cone stand!!! A snow cone stand in … [Read more...]

Long Walk Home

I have walked home after work every day this week. I'm very proud of myself because that's an extra 3 miles of walking 5 days in a row! It takes me an hour though, so that is kind of a's a long road home! I change out of my work clothes and into walking clothes in the restroom. Today I was barefoot on the bathroom floor and thought to myself, "I hope I don't get … [Read more...]

Empty Snack Drawer

Since I just started this job I haven't brought any snacks to work that I just left there. I have been eating the snack, lunch and snack I've been taking. This is fine, until today when for some reason I brought a shitty bag of popcorn for an afternoon snack. Poor choice of snack Monica, seriously. But, earlier today I was a genious when I packed my lunch... First, a big … [Read more...]

Lunch for a snack

Even though I wanted a PB&J for lunch I decided to make a big salad because I have so much produce! The goods: spinach, tomatoes, bell pepper, shredded carrot, mushrooms, garbanzo beans, peanuts and TJ's peanut dressing. It was so filling and delicious. I think eating salads with a bunch of topping is the lunch/dinner equivalent of oatmeal with toppings! After a lunch time … [Read more...]

1 and 2

Friday = Rest Day from running. I did Shred Level 1 & 2 this morning. I'm proud of myself because Level 2 is not easy for me! I also took a 30 minute walk :) I feel good! Breakfast - I wanted to try something different for breakfast so I made 1/2c of egg whites in the microwave and put it in a Flat Out wrap with ketchup, and an orange on the side.  This breakfast is only … [Read more...]