Sunday Set Up Jan 22


How’d your little Sunday go? Mine was good! Ben and I took a walk to Target and then spent some time cleaning while watching Property Virgins – exciting times. Sunday Set up is all about setting myself up for a good week, today I started with grocery shopping. You guys know I love wholesale stores like Costco and Smart & Final. Well, that’s not the best thing when I want … [Read more...]

Sunday Set Up Nov 27


Remember a while back when I went to the Fit and Pain free Event? Well, the celeb trainer Kathy Kaehler told us about a little thing she does called “Sunday Set Up”. I loved the concept and am using it to inspire my successful week! Earlier today I raided my mom’s fridge. Her fridge rocks and I made myself a salad and half a sandwich   I also sipped on some chocolate milk. … [Read more...]

Sunday Set Up–Just Do It.


I brought Asian Chicken salad for the party yesterday and took the rest home for today’s lunch. Yeah, you can do that without it being rude when it’s a family party I know my food’s not pretty, but my new clearance aisle polka dot placemat makes me very happy. A chocolate Vitatop with PB made my day. Made it. Outside of that it was all cleaning and washing clothes. This … [Read more...]

Cookies and Sunday Set Up


Today  I headed to my mom’s for a bar-b-que and some quality family time. Ben and I stopped at a local market for some authentic Mexican food first. You can watch them make tortillas and buy them hot off the press! They had samples too. Fact: Stores with samples are superior. I don’t even know what this is… A spikey avocado? A piece of cactus?? Oh wait, it’s a … [Read more...]

Sunday Set Up


Hello from the air! I’m currently blogging from my flight home After breakfast the boys went to do “boy stuff” and Kristin and I just hung out and caught up. It was nice. When they got back we all ate lunch together. Kristin prepared a bunch of delicious food before we came and had a ton of options for lunch. I made a big salad topped with chicken salad, chickpea and feta … [Read more...]