Mt. Baldy Scenic Lift Ride and Lunch


Hello! This morning I took a 3 mile walk before the usual breakfast. Then, Ben and I got ready and headed to my brother and Heather’s for a fun double date. I bought a Groupon a few weeks ago for the Mt. Baldy scenic lift ride and lunch. It came with 4 chair lift tickets and $40.00 toward lunch. Mt. Baldy is only about an hour inland from my fam’s so we got there in no … [Read more...]

Sunday Exercise


I don’t exercise on Sundays. God made the Sabbath a day of rest and I am right on board with that rule. Some of the others I’m not as big a fan, but I try. Anyways, today I didn’t rest because I met up with Coach Pam’s new triathlon training group. She put together a tri-training program at the JCC in Irvine and since I barely started training last week (with one swim so I … [Read more...]

Sunday Breakfast and Lunch


And the winner of the most uninventive blog post title goes to… Me. Thank you, thank you. Or should I say… Sorry, Sorry? Sunday is always a rest day for me (unless it’s a Race Day) so I did a 3 mile walk to shake out my legs and came home for breakfast. Walking makes me hungrier than running for some reason and I came home with a growling stomach! (I think that’s because … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Apple Crisp Recipe


How’s your Sunday? I stopped in to work to check my schedule for tomorrow and ended up doing a quick triceps workout because that flab is relentless. I headed to Trader Joes from there, but stopped in at Marshall’s “just because”. I almost screamed when I spotted my old go-to long run running shoes!!! I used to swear by my Asics 2150 until I came upon free shoes a few months … [Read more...]

Concert and Popcorn in the Park


Yesterday my mom told me about a concert in the park nearby our place that was going on Sunday. I love classical music and the weather is perfect so she drove up with my little brother so we could all go! This was the last of a series so it was pretty packed! Doesn’t this dog look a little like Roxy with a mohawk?! She just needs a perm My mom and I went to the restroom … [Read more...]

California Burrito


This morning I woke up to my traditional Sunday breakfast, pancakes This batch came out perfect too! They were thick and fluffy – just like I like it I offered some to Vegas, but he wasn’t interested. Fine. More for me. I had to work this morning and decided to stay for Zumba. Post-class snack was a plum. Then, Ben and I headed to my family’s house. My mom, dad and … [Read more...]

Sunday Morning Traditions


After my run yesterday I spent some time baking in the kitchen. Inspired by Ben’s cupcake from Friday I created an almond cupcake with coconut frosting. They came out great – sharing the recipe soon Then, I packed it up and headed to my cousins for a family BBQ. First I made a pit stop at my mom’s to walk the dogs. That’s not my mom’s house in the background (in case you … [Read more...]

Cookies and Sunday Set Up


Today  I headed to my mom’s for a bar-b-que and some quality family time. Ben and I stopped at a local market for some authentic Mexican food first. You can watch them make tortillas and buy them hot off the press! They had samples too. Fact: Stores with samples are superior. I don’t even know what this is… A spikey avocado? A piece of cactus?? Oh wait, it’s a … [Read more...]

Forks Over Knives Review


This morning I headed to the gym for an impromptu strength workout. I used the Women’s Health Big Book and put together a work out for myself. When I got home I contemplated French Toast, but decided on pancakes because I had pumpkin to use up – and because it’s Pancake Sunday! I pretty much always use some variation of my protein pancakes. But this time I added caramelized … [Read more...]

French Fries and Tums


Ben and I headed to my mom’s to pick up Matt and have some fun yesterday. We stopped at a burger joint on the way there to grab lunch. Ben got a burger and I ate most of our MASSIVE order of fries. When I got to my mom’s I made a salad to go with my french fry main course. And found chocolate covered pretzels as dessert. This was definitely not necessary, but I they were … [Read more...]

Early Bed Time


Before I left for some errands I made lunch – a big ol’ salad with veggie chicken patty, hummus and ketchup. I was d-r-a-g-g-i-n-g and stopped for an iced coffee. I helped a little, but I was still pretty tired all day. I just need sleep, not caffeine at this point. My favorite day of summer might be when cherries come down in price a bit. I’m getting all teary just … [Read more...]

Sign My Cone


Major blogger fail today I broke my memory card after taking pictures of my lunch, snack and fun times. Busted. Literally. Now I need to get a new memory card tomorrow, but all the pics from today are lost. This is the second memory card I’ve broken this year too! This is why I can’t have nice things… So today we have to play “pretend” with my recap. Luckily, we don’t … [Read more...]

A Day of Rest


Today is my day of rest, and I’m not just talking about in the Biblical sense I always take the day after a long run as a rest day from exercise. I may take a short walk if I want to stay loose, but I don’t do anything structured. This morning Ben and I took a walk to the store for a Sunday paper and milk. I should probably stretch a bit too. But, the day after a 15 miler is … [Read more...]

Bad Iced Coffee


While Ben and I were out running errands today I was on a mission to get a good iced coffee. We stopped at a local café and I walked out with something that tasted like licking an ashtray. Luckily, Ben likes licking ashtrays super strong coffee and he volunteered to take this off my hands. I promptly found another café and hoped Door #2 was a better choice. It was still only … [Read more...]

Soy Chorizo Sunday


This morning I was startled awake by Vegas falling off the bed. Hard. That’s really weird for him and we all just kinda sat there for 10 minutes before getting up. He seems to be acting sick, but finally ate and drank a while ago so I’m just keeping an eye on him. Send good thoughts please <3 The grand plan was to do a long run so I fueled up… And I strapped on my new … [Read more...]

Food Is Not Your Enemy


Hello! I took the day off of blogging so I could catch up on cleaning and visiting family. Overall it was a really good day   This morning Ben and I opted for egg sandwiches instead of pancakes. Pancake Sunday is a big part of our routine it was weird to eat something else! I ate the rest of the naner with PB straight up. After a little bit of cleaning I had an apple. I … [Read more...]