Casserole Casserole Casserole


I read that over 43 million Americans are traveling today – were you one of them? Not me. I was working from home doing my recruiting job. How exciting. Then, I hit the grocery store for supplies. I’m making: Sweet Potato Casserole Green Bean Casserole Cornbread Casserole Casserole Casserole Pumpkin Casserole Cheesecake … [Read more...]

No Bake Pumpkin Cheesecake Recipe


Hello and Happy Tuesday! Today wasn’t the best day since I managed to drop my head set receiver into my tea after lunch It’s now sitting in a bag of rice…. But, today also wasn’t the worst day since I got a great delivery and am currently chomping on sweet potato chips and chocolate chips. I love Food Should Taste Good! I think I’m getting a little too crazy with them … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving 2011


Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you had a good one Around 12:30p Ben and I headed to my mom’s with food in hand. I made three dishes – sweet potato casserole, corn bread casserole and green bean casserole. Sweet potatoes are my favorite! Why do we only eat this casserole once a year?! Brown sugar and walnuts/pecan toppings > Marshmallows But, it looks like someone couldn’t … [Read more...]

Healdsburg Run and Thanksgiving Approach


This morning I woke up ready for a run. But, my phone said it was 40 degrees outside! I haven’t run in that chilly of temps for a long time so I bundled up. I swear by the theory that the weirder you look, the warmer you are – hence the outfit… I didn’t have a planned route and just went in one direction until it ended and turned around to find another way. I ended up running … [Read more...]

Happy Thanksgiving 2010


Family, food and fun. Thanksgiving is the best day ever! My family members all have their own special dishes that they contribute to turkey day. My Nina makes the best sweet potato casserole I’ve ever tried (on the right below) and my cousin Roxanne makes an amazing vegetable casserole. I made the cranberry sauce from organic cranberries from our CSA. It was dee-lish! I … [Read more...]

My First Cornbread Stuffing


Happy Thanksgiving! I have a big confession to make: I didn’t end up doing the Turkey Trot this morning I’m hoping Bobbi will forgive me for ranking out on her (she ran the race with her fam). But, last night as I was supposed to be looking up directions and getting my gear ready I was super unmotivated. I really didn’t want to do it for some reason. I considered just … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving ’09


I started the day with a 6 miler. My legs are tired from running four days in a row, but I wanted to get in some good mileage before all the eats! Breakfast was oat bran. I needed something warm after a cold run! I made the whole Thanksgiving spread with the help of my mom. This was our first time ever doing it like this. Normally we have T-day with my whole Mexican fam and … [Read more...]

Everything in Moderation – Including Moderation

Thanksgiving 08

The big buzz around town right now is - "What's your plan for Thanksgiving?". Many are talking about their plan to "stay on track" and avoid over-doing it on Turkey Day. But, not me. Nope. When R.E.R. does Thanksgiving she does it right. I truly believe in finding a way to enjoy all the foods you love in moderation. I have toyed with cutting out sugar from my diet (or at … [Read more...]

EAT! Thanksgiving 2008

After my run I still wasn't hungry from eating so much the day before :( But I knew I should eat since we have a late lunch kind of Thanksgiving meal around 2pm. I had a big bowl of cereal...My mom had to go to my grandma's to help her make the stuffing so I was running around all day cooking and setting up tables and getting everything ready. I seriously felt so busy all … [Read more...]