Three Things Thursday from a Ginga Ninja


I am kinda anti-wearing all black. It just looks like you’re going to a funeral or are trying to be a ninja. But the Las Vegas Rock N Roll Half Mary shirts were black. Again. They were black last year and I never wore it. I pretty much always wear black capris to run (no black on black rule) and it’s not the best color to wear if you want to be seen by retirees in a sleepy FL … [Read more...]

Three Things Thursday–Eating and Pictures


Three Things I’m Eating This Week: 1. Sunflower Seed Butter! Of Course. On the way home from the gym this morning I busted a bitch made a completely legal U turn so I could hit up the store for my latest obsession. 2. Tilapia! I’ve been craving fish after getting overloaded with turkey the last few weeks. 3. PEARS!!! Harry and David sent me TWO boxes of their magical pears. … [Read more...]

Three Things Thursday–Roasted Broc


1. My day was ridic. I had my first client at 7am and my last at 8pm. So even though I had to bow out of KB early I felt like I was on my feet and fairly active all day. In other news – KB burns about as many calories per minute as running! 2.  Tip: If you ever want to play a dirty trick on someone roast broccoli in their house when they’re not there. They will spend 5 hours … [Read more...]

Three Things Thursday–Excuses


It’s Three Things Thursday. Here are three excuses I have… 1. I drank a massive smoothie on the way to work. Note the sopping wet hair and lack of make-up. My excuse: I was on Mexican time running late (when in reality this is a daily look/occurrence). 2. Lunch involved MASSIVE amounts of Cheetos croutons and dark chocolate melted on sunflower butter bread. My excuse: Life … [Read more...]

Three Things Thursday


There are three things that are vital to my life and belly happiness as of late. They are the following: 1. Protein. It’s been tough for me to pump up the protein because I don’t really like meat. Last night when I made spaghetti I put a chopped chicken sausage in it and ate around it! I tend to gravitate toward the carbs and veggies in any meal. But I do have to point out- I … [Read more...]