Pile on the Miles Week One


Hello from the sky! I am on my way back from NYC and will have the New York Marathon recap soon. But first, here is my Saturday fun and the Pile on the Miles Week One goals. New York Saturday Saturday morning I slept in a bit (much needed after the red eye the night before!) but woke up in time to meet SkinnyRunner at City Sports for a shake-out run. It was supposed to … [Read more...]

Runners World Office Tour


Hello from Pennsylvania! It was a long trek to get here but after a long flight and bus ride I arrived in Bethlehem, PA – I’m pretty sure it’s not the Bethlehem where Jesus was born, but I’ll check my facts and get back to you. Head’s up – I am going to be sipping Dunkin Donuts the entire time and might be bouncing off the walls. This is love. We checked in to the hotel and … [Read more...]

Meeting the BEST Runners in the USA–Beach to Beacon Press Conference


Wow. Friday was The.Best.Day. I have been bursting with excitement to tell you all about how I met Meb and Ryan Hall and Deena Kastor!!!  I can’t even handle it. First let me back up a step… I got into Maine super late Thursday and took a cab to the Inn. We stayed at Higgin’s Beach Inn and it was the cutest! I woke up and took a walk down to the beach on Friday, but it … [Read more...]

Leaving New Orleans


Hello from the sky! Sadly, I’m on my way back home from New Orleans. I had so much fun I didn’t want to leave. This place was all about Running and Funning and Eating – my kinda vacation! Sunday night after the race we ended up scoring a dinner invite for some delicious comida… Then, it was time to hit up Bourbon Street one more time. There were hand grenades and hurricanes … [Read more...]

Off to ING Miami and Orange Laces Event


Happy Friday and hello from the sky! I am currently flying to Florida for the ING Miami Half Marathon. I’m excited to hang out with my INGClassof2012 friends!  I PRd last weekend so the pressure is off and I’m just hoping to enjoy Miami – I’ve never been there before! Since I have 4.5 hours on a plane I brought along a few books that I’ve been sent to review on RER. I … [Read more...]

Strip At Night Expo


Hello! After a very late wake up call Susan and I headed to the Rock N’ Roll Las Vegas Expo. These are scenes from the fun… I grabbed an iced coffee on the way in and had a few protein bar samples at the expo. I hit up the REFUEL booth for a prize too. I was lucky enough to meet a few readers too! Hello to Jennifer, Melissa and Sarah something or other aka Skinny Runner. … [Read more...]

First phone blog!


Hello from my phone...I'm on my way to Santa Barbara! I put WordPress on my phone this week, but I really have no idea how it works. So, this might be a disaster but it's all part of the adventure, right? Friday in a nutshell: I packed in 5 minutes, hopefully i didn't forget a sports bra or something... LA traffic is horrific. yelp … [Read more...]

Going Going Back Back To Cali


Even though the marathon was cancelled my mom, Ben and I tried to make the best of the weekend. Luckily, two of Ben’s best friends live in New York and another one lives in Boston and took a bus out to NYC. We only see them once a year or so (at weddings) and I know that really sucks for Ben.  So, we had already planned to spend a lot of time with them this weekend. … [Read more...]

Sabra Hummus Heaven


I was in Hummus Heaven today, but let’s start from the beginning… This morning the fancy van was back to pick up all the Sabra Tastemakers for our day at the factory. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was excited (to eat hummus). Breakfast was set out for us from Panera. I sat right in front of the pastries, but opted for a bowl of oatmeal with the most delicious granola … [Read more...]

Sabra Tastemakers Dinner


Yesterday afternoon I landed in Richmond, VA around 5:20pm with just enough time to change into my jeans and meet the group. I stood on a toilet seat cover for help. We had a big ol’ party van with colored lights and everything. It was fun. The van swept us off to the hotel where we had 45 minutes to get ready for dinner. The Sabra peeps left us a welcome package in the … [Read more...]

Going to Richmond Virginia for Hummus


Hello!!! I am currently blogging from 30,000 feet in the air on my way to Richmond,VA. A few months ago I was contacted by a rep from Sabra about working with them as an ambassador. One of the perks is a trip out to VA to tour the Sabra factory! I have always been a big fan of Sabra and am super excited! I can’t believe this is my life. I am very lucky and happy and stinky … [Read more...]

The Airport Game


Happy Thursday! I’m blogging to you live from 30,000 feet in the air. This morning I woke up around 5am and got out the door for a run. I ran to the gym, did a strength session and back around for 4 miles total. I took off my MotoAct while I was at the gym so it was lying on the floor for 30 minutes. But, for some reason it thinks I torched 4,000 calories on that workout?! … [Read more...]

Labor Day Parade and the Charlotte Airport


This morning I took a nice lil’ four mile walk to start the day. I wanted to run, but knew I should give my legs a rest since I did 13 and 12 the previous two days. I was tempted to hit up Dunkin Donuts for an Apple Orchard Donut (saw the sign when we went yesterday), but I ran walked out of time. If anyone has tried these please tell me they’re gross and I didn’t miss out on … [Read more...]

Sunday Funday in Florida


Hello from the sky! I’m on a plane headed back to CA, but we have a lot to catch up on! Let’s go back to Sunday… I planned to do two moderate length runs in Florida because I knew time wise and weather wise doing a 16+ miler would not be very realistic. So, I woke up early again on Sunday morning and busted out 12 miles. I felt surprisingly good considering I did 13 the day … [Read more...]

My Sweat Smells Like Fritos


Hello from Florida! Last night I spent time hanging out with Ben’s fam. I think I have a new favorite Ben’s dad made ribs for dinner… but, I’m not the biggest meat eater so I made a plate of all the sides plus some rotisserie chicken. Ben’s mom and I hit up Publix yesterday so we have a ton of delicious breads and salads and stuff! I was in charge of cutting and eating the … [Read more...]