XTERRA Trail Run Series–Snow Valley 21km video


Hello! How’s your lil week going? I made an album of pictures from the XTERRA trail 21km in Snow Valley. They are on the RER Facebook page if you’d like to check ‘em out. And I forgot I made a video when I was there too! Hello Monican, get it together. I remembered when Steve shared his video earlier. I didn’t get a lot of footage during the race because I was busy trying … [Read more...]

Walking Wednesday and Running Video


Hello! I am behind on emails and blog work, but I had to get away from my computer this afternoon for a breather. Luckily my favorite walk it out partner was willing to meet me for a stroll. Yes I am rocking orange P-town socks. What what. Marni and Skinny Runner gave me an intervention on my NOLA beverage consumption, but we worked it out and our threesome is back … [Read more...]

Beginner HIIT Workout


I was asked about HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training this week. Tabata style workouts fall under this category, but they are super intense. Luckily, you don’t have to jump straight into Tabata workouts and risk collapsing at the gym. Just like you start running by going slower and/or walking, you should start high intensity workouts with easier moves. I use this Tabata … [Read more...]

How To Cut a Mango


Hello, I am having a very relaxing Sunday and decided to skip breakfast and lunch posting. But, I did make a How to Cut a Mango video. Yeah, I did a step-by-step guide last week, but some of you still had questions so here’s a quick video.   So now I have a How to Cut a Mango and a How to Cut a Watermelon video. If frozen yogurt needed cutting I’d be all over that too! It’s … [Read more...]

Cutting a Watermelon

It's Sandia time! Here is a quick video on my watermelon cutting technique. I know it's not rocket science, but I think the way I do it is pretty simple and fast. Also, making the video prevented me from eating all of it as I cut, since I knew you'd be watching :) How to Cut a Watermelon   And I guess we're getting pretty close now since I completely don't feel … [Read more...]

OC Half 2009 – Video

Here is me the morning of the race and right after it's done... I apologize, for some reason the sound on the video cuts out toward the end of each bite. Boo, but I thought I'd post it anyways. Things it cuts off - Me saying, "Note to self, braid your hair!" and Ben saying that he ate a Carl's Jr. Breakfast Burger while I was running. It's not easy to eat healthy around … [Read more...]


The company that makes Chobani sent me some samples of their yogurt to try (thank you Tiffany)! I know this has been floating around the blog world a bit so I thought I would do a video post to change things up. I tried the plain and strawberry here...don't expect me to be funny, I guess I'm not much of a joker when I am procrastinating studying for the GRE by making videos for … [Read more...]