Vlog – Running Form “Nips Hips and Chips”


I really want to do a video every Wednesday or Thursday so you can plan which days to avoid RER and/or watch my vlogs while your boss is in a meeting. So, saying it here makes it official – stay tuned! Today’s vlog is about running form – how to move your arms while running. Yes, it’s not rocket science and yet there are still hundreds of people doing ‘the T-Rex’ while … [Read more...]

Ask a Monican vlog

Video thumbnail for youtube video Video Blog About Half Marathon Training

Ask a Monican about… 1. Do you think Intuitive Eating really works? Or should I count calories again? 2. Can I run a half marathon in 2 months? Send me your Ask a Monican questions to RunEatRepeat at gmail dot com – I will keep it anonymous unless you ask me to share your name. Or leave ‘em in the comments! … [Read more...]

XTERRA Trail Run Series–Snow Valley 21km video


Hello! How’s your lil week going? I made an album of pictures from the XTERRA trail 21km in Snow Valley. They are on the RER Facebook page if you’d like to check ‘em out. And I forgot I made a video when I was there too! Hello Monican, get it together. I remembered when Steve shared his video earlier. I didn’t get a lot of footage during the race because I was busy trying … [Read more...]

How I Lost 10 Pounds in 5 steps or 5 million steps on my Garmin


How I lost 10 pounds… in video form because I thought it’s easier to explain myself. And because I’m your peep, bullet points are below for a quick read if you’re at your place of employment. 1. Run. I run more. I didn’t ‘make’ myself run more – it just happened that way. Sometimes when your head or heart aches it helps to make your quads ache instead. So I ran. Like I … [Read more...]

Training for a Half Marathon – Running Tips

Video thumbnail for youtube video Training for a Half Marathon

Today’s post is all about training for a half marathon, specifically someone’s first half mary. A reader needed to talk to a half marathon expert for a college project and Ryan Hall didn’t answer her calls so she hit me up for some advice. (I tried to use my new laptop’s camera for this vlog, um… yeah. It’s not good. I won’t use it again.) Ask a Monican… Training for a … [Read more...]

Vlog–Runner Needs Your Advice

Video thumbnail for youtube video Vlog–Runner Needs Your Advice - Run Eat Repeat

I received this question from a reader / runner today who got hit by a car during a run. She’s okay, but would like some advice on how to bounce back after you’ve been hit by a car on a run. Runner’s World has an old article about How to Avoid Being Hit By a Car While Running I found that while researching what to do after getting hit by a car on a run and unfortunately … [Read more...]

Walking Wednesday and Running Video


Hello! I am behind on emails and blog work, but I had to get away from my computer this afternoon for a breather. Luckily my favorite walk it out partner was willing to meet me for a stroll. Yes I am rocking orange P-town socks. What what. Marni and Skinny Runner gave me an intervention on my NOLA beverage consumption, but we worked it out and our threesome is back … [Read more...]

January Favorites


Hello! How’s it going? Well… I have a little announcement. A few family and friends have asked why I’ve never run the LA Marathon. I don’t really have a reason, it just never jumped out at me. I was pondering this  on a run last week and figured if I got a free bib I would do it. Well, a few days later someone emailed me and offered me a bib. So, after a quick … [Read more...]

RER As of Late…


Hello! I haven’t posting much in the way of daily eats because I know it gets boring pretty fast (read: We get it B, you like eggs and nutbutter). But, since some of you asked I thought I’d share a typical day as of late… I run here: Then, I eat eggs and get to being productive (I’ll also have a banana or something if I have them): Lunch this week has been salmon on salad … [Read more...]

Delirious Post Marathon Vlog


Lunch time walk with Skinny Runner – we are trying to spend as much time together as possible before we have to separate for the Holiday break (we’re both visiting fam out of state). Who am I going to walk with then?!? I totally forgot to announce the winner of the Santa To The Sea Half Marathon giveaway! J – you win! (I emailed him/her already.) If you didn’t win, but … [Read more...]

How to Make An Egg Patty Video


Hello! I have been wanting to make this video for the longest time, but it’s never worked out. I usually make (and eat) my egg patties before I remember I want to document it for you! Well, this morning I stopped Ben before he headed off to work and had him tape me making one. (Read: It’s early and I’m still half asleep.) How to Make an Egg Patty: You’ll need - 2 … [Read more...]

Five Friday Favorites and Ask A Monican


I love the “f” word – Friday. So here’s a collection of Five Friday Favorites: 1. Single serving watermelons. But, gimme two of them 2. Fruit and cereal. Just not together – learned that the hard way today… 3. Green eyeliner. I haven’t been wearing makeup at all this week, but today I busted out the green eyeliner and it was like I had a makeover. 4. Bread, in this case … [Read more...]