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1. Q: When did you start running?

A: I started running over 5 years ago! Once I found running I became an addict overnight.

I started walking after high school in an effort to lose weight. I would take walks with my friend or my mom and when they weren’t around I would walk on my grandma’s treadmill. I loved walking and eventually bought my own treadmill that I kept in my room. I walked for a few months until I got bored of walking and tried running for a bit. Soon I was walking and running on the ‘mill before school (college) and work (Starbucks). Before I knew it I was running 5 days a week for 60 minutes at a time!

After about a year of running on the treadmill I tried a run outside and fell in love. A 10k, then many many half marathons would soon follow.

2. Q: I am a new runner – do you have any tips?

A:I have tons of tips! If you have a specific question please email me –

But here are some general tips for new runners…

  • Don’t expect it to be easy, and don’t get discouraged when it’s hard. Running is difficult, be proud of what you can do.
  • The second you feel an injury or that “something is off’ – STOP RUNNING. Finishing this run is not worth being out of commission for 6 weeks.
  • Start off slow and find your comfortable pace. A common running mistake is starting out too fast and burning yourself out.
  • Fuel properly – eat well before and after your runs. Make sure to eat within approx. 30 minutes after a hard run.
  • Enjoy running – if it’s not fun you won’t stick with it!

Also, check out my Training Schedule page for training program suggestions.

3. Q: Does Ben run with you?

A: Sadly, no. I actually run by myself most of the time but Ben has agreed to run a 5k with me so we are going to start training soon!

4. Q: What do  you tell yourself to motivate you to run or keep going?

A: I have some quotes that I love to say to myself while running.

One of them is from an old Nike ad I held onto for years.

And this newer Nike ad that I also became obsessed with.

5. Q: Do you eat before your morning runs?

A: On long runs – Yes, always. On shorter runs – Not always.

During the week runs of 4 to 7 miles I don’t have a full snack. I may grab a handful of cereal or fruit. (If I’m hungry then I would definitely eat more.)

Longer runs of 8 or more miles I will usually eat PB toast or something similar.

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 If you have questions feel free to leave a comment on my most recent post or email me!