5K  and 10K Training:

Couch to 5k program is the most popular way to get started running if you’re a beginner. There are many different versions, but they all are based on the same idea – to get you from sitting on the couch to running a 5K!

Couch to 5k Programs:

Cool Running C25K

10k Training Programs:

Hal Higdon 10k  Training

Jeff Galloway 10k Training (scroll down)

Pre-Race Advice:

Runner’s World – Tips to Prepare

Half Marathon Training:

Half Marathon Training Programs:

In person – Sole Runners running club (they have virtual training too)

Cool Running

Hal Higdon Half Marathon Training

Jeff Galloway Half Marathon Training

Marathon Rookie Half Marathon Training

Where to find races:


Marathon Guide (This searches marathons, and you can find half mary’s too)

Full Marathon Training Resources:

Hal Higdon’s Marathon Training

Jeff Galloway Marathon Training

Sole Runners local and virtual training 

General Running Resources:

Runner’s World – my fave magazine

Half – to find Half Marathon races throughout the world – to find almost any race or sporting event near you

and other running blogs!