Stretch Challenge

starts June 4th

21 days of simple & effective stretches with Monica

Get into the good habit of stretching! It helps prevent injuries and gives you a chance to check in with your body.

What is the 21 Day Stretch Challenge?

1 stretch per day.

Just 1 minute a day!

Once a week - do every stretch from that week.

Sign up below and the calendar to stay on track.

I'll be posting an example of each stretch daily on Instagram & Facebook

PLUS - A daily LIVE video in case you have questions.



Stretch everyday to create a habit.

Learn new stretches.

Check in with your body and areas that need attention.

Ahhhh! Enjoy how good stretching feels!

Stay on track & motivated with daily check-ins.

Be able to create your own stretching regime at the end.

Take a minute to do something kind for your body.

Make stretching a regular part of your running routine.

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Starts June 4th!

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