Today I love … long runs

My long run was great this morning. I did 11 miles and felt super good during and after :) It was a great run except for the fact that it was a little breezy I guess and made a rat's nest out of my pony tail. Boo.I ate some watermelon on the way to my mom's. I am watching Matt today for her. Matt is my little brother, we are obviously very far apart in age. I had half an … [Read more...]

Sushi and a movie

I went on a dinner and a movie date (with my BF). We had sushi, but not the normal healthy sushi other bloggers post about. We ordered the bad stuff. Ben insisted that his body was craving something fried, so I am lucky we just got sushi and not some "wings" place or something. We started with some miso soup (no picture) and tempura. I had a shrimp tempura and half a piece of … [Read more...]