Food Challenge

So, I just went through my bank statements for the past month to break down how much money I spent on food. I don't keep track of what I buy and I should have a better idea of where my money goes. Also, I use my debit card for everything so, I don't actually see the cash leave me hand.I went though my grocery store purchases and added them up since the 16th of May. I thought it … [Read more...]

Forgetful Mondaily

So, I forgot my camera cord at the BF's! That means I can't post my Sunday meals/snacks or today's foodies until tonight. Boo! I apologize for being such a dumb head.I am really bummed too because my brother surprised me and took our dogs to the groomers where Roxy got a makeover. She looks so good. You'll have to wait in suspense until tonight.Happy Monday! … [Read more...]