Today I love… tweezers

because I have a unibrow.Breakfast was a mix of my 30 dollars worth of cereals with nf milk and a naner. I was good, but not sweet enough. I am used to throwing in a little bit of sweeter cereal in the mix, so I sprinkled a little splenda on top. Opps. Cherries :) I was getting hungry pretty early so I had some almonds to hold me over till lunch. I may or may not have also had … [Read more...]

Victorious Tuesday!

So despite the fact that I couldn't stop "tasting" PB&Co Dark Chocolate Dreams throughout the afternoon, I consider this day a success. That's because I ate dinner and had 1 piece of chocolate and called it a night.I started dinner with hummus and broccoli. I love this hummus and can never go too long without it. Dinner was this Soba noodle bowl thingy and some salad. It … [Read more...]

This post may change your life…

Disclaimer: This blogger is not responsible if reading this post causes you to become addicted to the following product, sell everything you own to get your hands on it, perform disgusting sexual favors to get money to buy it and proceed to live in the gutter while dreaming about your next fix.Okay, so imagine you're in heaven and multiply that by a million times of happiness … [Read more...]

Tuesday Lunch and Shnacks

I picked up a bunch of new cereals during my lunch and grabbed a few tastes while driving back. My new stash includes Ezekiel cereal, some Nature's Path super high fiber cereal, Optimum Slim and regular wheat puffs to add volume. I seriously dropped like 20 bucks on cereal right now. Then, I get back to work and read some article on SparkPeople regarding how to save money. One … [Read more...]