Today I love … being back in action

Hello Everyone! Sorry I’ve been so bad about posting last week. I am back on track and a posting machine. I have so much to catch up on! Also, since I was so stressed last week I learn a lot about myself and my eating. I was so busy in the mornings and afternoons for a couple of days that the normal times when I eat my snacks came and went and did not miss them at all.
I don’t think I am always hungry for my morning snack or afternoon snack, but it’s a habit or almost hobby that I have. I have trained myself to eat snacks at certain times and I eat them whether I am hungry or not. I am trying to get away from that and really listen to my body. I know I’ve mentioned that before, but it’s an on-going struggle. I successfully “skipped” a couple of snacks last week just because my hunger never kicked in and I was too busy to realize it was “snack time”.

Today I went for a 5.5m run – felt really good :) Breakfast was oat bran with skim, naner and topped with brown sugar.
I also had about 3 cups of watermelon – some while cutting it and then some at work.
Have a great day! I have so much posting to catch up on. I will be back later :)


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