Sunny Sunday

I woke up pretty hungry and made a nice breakie for the BF and I…eggs with onions and mushrooms topped with cheese and toast. Yum! It is so good to have a savory breakfast. I should make eggs more often. We went for a bike ride after breakfast. I was hungry shortly after returning and finished off the cherries :) Okay, these might be the last cherries of the season since I didn’t see any when I went to Ralphs this weekend. I am not happy about that,but it’s probably best as this bag of cherries cost over 8 dollars and last me about 2 and a half days!
Lunch was random stuff I found in the fridge for the BF and I to share…carrot and broccoli with ranch.
Soy chicken nuggets (I am so happy he likes these)…
and a LC frozen meal: Salmon Mediterranean or something like that topped with a little parm.
We ran a few errands and picked up some Yogurtland when we were out. The BF wanted to just share one, which did not make me happy. I will share anything except my frozen yogurt/ice cream. This is not negotiable, sorry I tried.

Dinner was rotisserie chicken, stuffing and salad. It was so good to have stuffing, since I normally only have it around the holidays. The BF loves it so I had bought a package of multi grain stuffing awhile back and finally made it.
Wine! We drank some delicious Zin Rose with dinner – a wine I will actually drink without having to force myself. I love it. Dessert was more wine! We bought some Black Monukka the last time we went to Rotta Winery in Paso Robles. This stuff is AMAZING. Seriously, I think this is the best wine ever! I love sipping dessert wines.
and dessert wouldn’t be complete without chocolate chips. This combo is heaven. It is so good to savor the chocolate chips while sipping the Black Monukka. The chips bring out amazing flavors of the wine :) I recommend this to all.

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