Lots of pics = Lots of food!

It is very stressful around here right now. At work we are moving offices so we have to pack up and get out by Wednesday. At home I have to sign up for a weekend class for the GRE, sign up for the GRE, write some articles for internships I want to apply to and figure out how I am going to pay for aforementioned class and test. I am so overwhelmed and it showed up in my eating. I have 12 pics to post and that is just lunch, dinner and snacks. I ate way too much and was NOT listening to my hunger. Also, I have found that when I wait too long to eat after running I am an eating machine all day. I think that made the eating situation worse. Here it is:

Lunch was a LC meal with lemon chicken and brown rice risotto. I put the chicken on top of a bed of lettuce and had an apple on the side.
Broccoli on the side for veggies and volume :)
This is the LC meal. It was good, I would get this one again. I liked how the lemon chicken tasted and it was served in two thin slices. Yum.

A dark chocolate for stress, I mean dessert.
I have frozen cherries that I need to eat before they get gross so I had a cup of these for dessert a little after lunch. I love these things.
I don’t know if I was hungry or stressed or procrastinating, but I had a lot of afternoon snacks:
A Kashi granola bar,

This Greek yogurt in blueberry flavor. I don’t like this flavor and won’t be getting it again. Boo. But, I ate it all anyways. Why?
Kashi Heart to Heart baggie.

When I got to my mom’s I had handfuls of Frosted Shredded Wheat in Blueberry something or other (it was not good) and Cinnamon Streusel. Cereal has always been a binge and trigger food for me. I wasn’t hungry, but it is comforting and familiar. I don’t know if I should just try to avoid cereal all together or what. I don’t want to “Ban” cereal from my diet because that is when you trigger a restrict/binge cycle and I am trying to truly listen to my body and not have foods I deny myself, but at the same time if I am repeatedly overeating one particular food how do you stop? I have been reading more of Geenen Roth’s books recently and actually them Kate from Winning Friends recently mentioned them in her blog too. I really believe in what she teaches – listen to your body, treat yourself good, trust your yourself to know what you need and want. So, banning cereal is not in line with trusting myself, but I don’t know how to stop overeating cereal. Ah!
Okay, sorry for that tangent. Back to business. Dinner was half a sweet potato, salad and a veggie burger.
and half of this grilled tomato that was kinda gross and too liquidy on the inside.
Dessert :) Ice cream with a little sf syrup
and a homemade grape juice popsicle that my mom made.

Final score: too much snacking when I wasn’t hungry. I need to organize my work/school/tasks etc so I feel in control of the situation and don’t have to look for food outlets.


  1. *Erica* says

    Ohhhhhhh I hear ya, loud and clear! Cereal is also my trigger food…bigtime. I could sit down with a box and eat literally the whole thing. Yeah, not proud of it. I’m especially fond of the yummy cereals that my kids like, such as cookie crisp, reese’s puffs, etc…you see the pattern here. But in a pinch, any cereal dry out of the box, just dump it in a tupperware snack bowl, put me in front of the tv and I feel good. For a little while. Then the inevitable sets in. Guilt. Usually followed by more indulging. It’s a vicious cycle that I am trying to break as well. Good luck to you!

  2. Mariposa says

    Yes- cereal is DEF on the list of foods i could eat all day long…

    i always find if i run it kinda curbs my appetite for a bit and i dont get hungry for a few hours after a long run… when i dont run .. im starving!

  3. Runeatrepeat says

    Erica, it’s good to know I’m not the only one with this issue. Isn’t it weird though? Like what’s so powerful with cereal that I want to eat so much?

    Mariposa, yeah why is that when I do a long run I am not that hungry after? My body is all jacked up, but the next day I eat everything I see.

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