Crazy Day – Wednesday

It is still crazy over here! Anyways, I was running late as usual, and decided to skip making cereal or oatmeal to eat in the car and just grabbed a yogurt. and some blurry strawberries. Nice photography Monica! But, really you should give me a break since I was driving. On the freeway. In California. During morning rush hour. You get the idea.
I made oat bran when I got to work and topped it with brown sugar and some PB. Doesn’t it look gross? It actually wasn’t that good, but I was hungry so whatev.
I grabbed one of these packages while I was making the oats at work because it was there and I have a bad habit of just eating shit.
Lunch started with egg drop soup from this random place in the mall. I went there with my peep and she got Chinese food. I figured I would “be good” and eat my planned frozen meal since it was Asian inspired anyways and because we are moving out of this office TODAY and I need to take all my food home too!

Here is aforementioned frozen meal – LC shrimp something or other. It was spicy! I like spicy!
And no lunch (or breakfast or dinner or snack) would be complete without my one true love (after dark chocolate) – WATERMELON!
Dark chocolate triangle to even things out :) It’s only fair.
I got hungry pretty soon after lunch, like 2 hours or something and ate this plus some muffin and rice krispy treat my co-worker had. I was just in the mood to snack today!
I saw this magazine at WF. It is based on a true story of a red-headed girl and her love for the WATERMELON. I didn’t need to buy it because I can write an article about “Why We Love Watermelon“. I am the world’s biggest watermelon fan folks! Why didn’t they interview me. I buy those suckers 2 at a time at Cost Co and don’t share with anyone!

Since I was at WF and since I think I am rich or something I decided to get dinner from the hot food and salad bar. I started with some tastes of the good stuff:
That is mashed potatoes, mac n cheese and turkey sausage with penne. Nice.
For my big ol’ salad: a ton of goodies that I ate too fast. I la la love their salad bar. But, they didn’t have my fave: couscous.

No pic: I also had a bunch of Sweet Potato chips from Food Should Taste Good. You’ll see them later though.

Dessert was a bunch of random things I shoved in my mouth when I got home, including a VitaTop. But, there were also a bunch of other crap that didn’t get a picture like raviolis and bites of a brownie and a cookie. These random bites are my worst habit because I do it all the time and I think it doesn’t “count” or something. I need to stop this. Anyways, check ya later :)


  1. *Erica* says

    OMG your after-dinner bites n bits sound just like me! I, too, will get in those moods that I’m just putting things in randomly and not even thinking about it…yeah, I’m trying to stop that. :) Have a great weekend!

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