I am going to NYC on Tuesday and will be there until Sunday. The BF is in a wedding for one of his best friends and we thought we would make it a mini-vacay.1. My question is - Do you have suggestions for healthy eats in the city? I have not been there since I was 12 so I have no clue where to eat/what to eat...2. Also, where is a good place to run?I don't know exactly where we … [Read more...]

Monday Breakfast

I went shopping for a dress for a wedding I'm attending this weekend and came back empty handed. I did however find this cute pink hat. I love it! I didn't get it because I wouldn't actually have anywhere to where it or anything to where it with, but I had to get a pic. I think I should try to bring hats back! I know I'm weird... So, I may have found the secret to staying full … [Read more...]