I fell…

Yeah, I fell this weekend…I was doing my long run on Saturday morning, about 7 miles into a 12 mile run at my turn around point…I was running a point and back course that I often do and was about to turn around on a round wooden board walk that circles a life guard station. My mind was off in la la running land, not really paying attention to stuff around me and I was obviously fatigued from my previous 7 miles when my foot caught on a wooden plank that was slightly higher than the one before it and I started to trip…I tried to regain my balance and prevent the fall, it felt like I was in slow motion “nooooooo!”…I took a couple of steps before I crashed down onto the wooden boardwalk – Hard! I tried to brace my fall with my hands and then slammed down onto my side. I was disoriented for a second then, I got up and ran off on my not so merry little way. Luckily, I was on the backside of the life guard station so there were not many witnesses. Apparently, that is the world’s dirtiest boardwalk because my hands and the entire side of my leg were covered in dirt. I stopped at a water fountain nearby for water like I always do, but I refused to wash my hands inside the restroom. I was pissed off and embarrassed and mad and hurting. I figured washing my hands might awaken whatever splinters or cuts I got from the fall. So, I ran all the way back with filthy hands and a dirty leg. Boo. It sucks to fall.

Later that night when I was recounting the story to the BF I was laughing so hard. It wasn’t that bad and is kind of funny that I kept running all dirty. I left my hands completely dirty and while I run I always touch my face to rub sweat away. So, I was running along with a dirt covered face too! Ha. People must have been wondering what that dirty girl was running from. I used to hate falling, but now I think it’s funny – sometimes.


  1. glidingcalm says

    ahh sorry you fell. that sounds painfizzle.

    as for wordpress…it’s pretty easy. very simple to use, and it has a feature where you can import ALL of your entries from your Blogger blog….so you don’t lose anything.

    I mean, it will still take time to adjust and get the layout and blog roll and random pieces together…but it’s nice to know your entries will be saved.

    happy tuesday!

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