Eat 11/9/2008 – Sunday

Happy Sunday! I started the day with a handful of Shredded Oats and a walk. Today is a rest day, so I was just planning on my walk being my exercise for today. Breakfast was oat bran, naner, almond milk, brown sugar and PB. So good and filling :)foodies-509I also had some uvasfoodies-510I stopped at Cost Co for a couple of staples (trying to keep costs down for the T-day Challenge) and dog food (which I might have to resort to eating if I don’t keep above mentioned costs down). I mention it because I obviously partook in samples at Cost Co and wasn’t hungry for a while. I started to slightly empty around 1:30 and decided to eat. I made a wrap with hummus and turkey and also had some hummus with crackers (no pic).foodies-511I also had some greek yogurt with pumpkin butter and PB puffins. I went heavy on the Puffins, but can you blame me? That stuff is good. I swear there is yogurt underneath.foodies-512I also finished my pineapple spears :) These were perfectly ripe and juicy. foodies-513I roasted veggies for dinner and it was taking a while so I broke out my new Quaker bars. I tried the one with dark choc and berries. foodies-520Dinner was roasted brussel spouts and butternut squash. I love roasted everything! Seriously roasting things makes them taste so good. I think I am going to try and roast oatmeal next. Maybe not. foodies-524I made my special Kashi Trail Mix for the week. I use Kashi Go Lean, almonds, raisins and chocolate chips and then mix it all in a BIG zip-lock bag. Toss it around to mix and “wha-la!” Kashi Trail Mix.foodies-526


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