Chocolate Lava Cake

The BF thought this Chocolate Lava Cake from Trader Joe’s would be a good idea. Of course I didn’t try to stop him, I thought about it, but my inner chocolate cake lover stopped me from protesting. So yeah, I tried this… In my defense it was the night before the GRE and I was in ultimate stress mode. None of my decisions are good ones when I am a mess like that.foodies-665This is how it looks out of the package. It is actually very small, this is a very little plate. Sorry I didn’t compare it to anything to put it in perspective. It is small and I think it’s 360 calories. Luckily I shared it witht he BF, but I could have easily eaten one by myself. Contrary to my expectations it was just okay.foodies-667I think Deep Chocolate Vitatops are better! (I ate one of these Monday night to confirm that.)foodies-672


  1. runeatrepeat says

    Yes, they come in a lot of different flavors :) They have a bunch of different chocolate-y ones that are my fave, but they also have bran muffins in different flavors. I didn’t like those too much, but I’m a chocolate girl all the way. I have also tried their corn muffins and didn’t really like ’em.

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