Michelle's Naturally Vegan Choc Chip

I found these Chocolate Chip cookies at WF today. I have been craving a really good chocolate chip cookie for a while. I wanted a thick chewy one that you can really sink your teeth into. These cookies are very good, but not what I wanted. They are not too sweet, in a good way, so the chocolate chips really make the cookie, But, the cookie is a little dry for my taste and I … [Read more...]

RUN 11/29/2008

I ran 16.75 miles today. I was supposed to run 17, but I'm lucky I made it that far. I was psyching myself out the whole run. From the very beginning I was telling myself that my legs felt tired, that maybe I should just do 14 today and increase my mileage next week, that I could just run as far as I wanted and call the BF to come pick me up. I just wasn't excited about the run … [Read more...]

Eat 11/29/2008

I was super hungry after my run - which is unusual. I think I may need to start eating more before or during my long runs. Before my run I ate half this Clif Bar. I ate the rest after breakfast and gave a bite to the BF. After my run I had a bowl of cereal. This is usually what I crave after a long run. The BF is sick and wanted a Cold Buster from Jamby to make him feel better. … [Read more...]