Eat I 12/31/2008

Hello! It's the last of 2008 so let's make it great! Ha, that rhymes and is super cheesy (an added bonus). After my run I came back home to make some eggs and cereal. I was actually craving both eggs and cereal so I told the BF I would make him eggs (so I could steal some) and I would have cereal. I made a huge bowl of a bunch of cereals with naner and had toast with pumpkin … [Read more...]

Eat 12/30/2008

I think I am back in business! I felt a lot better today :) After my 7 mile run this morning with about a 3/4mile walk to cool down I made oatmeal with oats, nf milk, naner, brown sugar and PB. It was super creamy and delicious.The BF and I went to the Salvador Dali museumin Saint Petersburg. I had seen some of Dali's work in the past, but didn't really come to appreciate it … [Read more...]