New and Improved for 2009

Hey everyone, I am working on improving Run, Eat, Repeat and would appreciate any suggestions or critisms you have. One of my major improvements is going to be consistant posting/more timely posts. I am also going to expand and add some new features icon smile New and Improved for 2009

Anything else you want to see or read about let me know.


  1. says

    Question for ya: do you know of a good but not super expensive sports bra? I’m always on the lookout for ones that withstand running but don’t cost more than a boob job would! What marathon are you running? Good luck!

  2. runeatrepeat says

    Marafaye – I would love it!

    Skinnyrunner – I like the Danskin brand because you can get it in your bra size (not just Small, Medium, Large). The sportsbras at my local running stores are pretty expensive, so I know what you mean. I also use the Target ones and just double up for absolutely no bounce-age. Another good thing about Danskin is it’s pretty common so you should be able to get them at many dept stores or online.

    Chriistina – Thanks :)

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