We had a flight out of Tampa to Orange County at 8am Sunday. The airport is about an hour and a half away from where we were so I woke up at around 4:30am EST, but I am still on PST so it felt like 1:30am! I bought a nf milk at the ‘bucks in the airport and brought cereal in a baggy for breakfast. I didn’t end up eating this until our layover in Atlanta since I slept for the short flight over. foodies 1309 L O N G DAY!Our flight to Orange County was cancelled when we got to ATL! They re-booked us for a flight the next day, but there was no way I could do that so I called Delta and got on a flight for 5:30pm to LAX that same day. We scored and also got on a standby list for a 1:30pm flight & we got on!!! I was so happy to not have to wait around until 5:30pm for the other flight! But, we did wait in line to talk to a customer service rep to get on that flight for 3 HOURS! I am not exaggerating. Our flight got into ATL at 10am, we found out the flight was cancelled and got in line, at the counter the guy put us on the stand by list and we walked over the that gate and waited less than 10 minutes and got on the plane. 3 hours folks. Oh, and I was on the phone with their customer service people for about an hour too.It was a rough day. But, we made it home and I am happy icon smile L O N G DAY! I made a huge effort not to freak out since I am trying not to stress as one of my 2009 goals.

I am so happy that I packed a PB&PB (pumpkin butter) sammie for the plane – I was starving by that time. I also had cherries in the background. foodies 1303 L O N G DAY!I bought these on the plane because I wanted and deserved a treat. After we got to LAX the BF and I got smoothies from a place at the airport (no pic).foodies 1304 L O N G DAY!We took a long walk when we got home with the dogs – I missed them so much! Dinner was greasy and delicious Chinese food from a local place. It’s definitely not healthy, but every once in a while you’ve got to go for it. Unfortunately, I always overeat Chinese food and I was way overly full after dinner :(. foodies 1305 L O N G DAY!

I am so happy to be back home! I ate so much junk over the last few weeks because of the holidays and then being away from home for over a week. It was like my Christmas was extended for a week and so was my indulgent eating! I am also excited to start tackling my 2009 goals icon smile L O N G DAY! Have a great day!

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