Question – Vegan/Vegetarian News?

I was talking about The China Study to a friend and she mentioned that she heard something on MSNBC (she thinks) recently about how a vegan diet helps you lose weight. Did anyone else see this story? I am just curious about it because she said it was very interesting and I can’t find it online. Hmmm. Let me know if you have any idea what I’m talking about :)


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    hhhm, i’d be interested in hearing more about this myself. although there are PLENTY of unhealthy vegan/vegetarian foods out there–i buy a ton of them 😉

    have you heard of the book Skinny Bitch? i think they promote a vegan diet if i’m not mistaken.

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    I actually read something the other day about how Alanis Morrisette just lost 20 lbs by going Vegan. Like Sara said though there are plenty of weighs to GAIN weight by becoming a vegan, you still have to use your best judement and moderation.

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    im not sure either, because mosts *LEAN* meats actually have few calories (130 for 4oz. chicken)—thats pretty lean in my point of view!!!! it also is packed wit protein to help us stay full. possible vegans lose weight b.c they are not eating yeast-related products—-no bloating? better detection of when they are hungry, etc etc.

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