Water water everywhere…

I drink a lot of water. No, really a lot. The fiance always jokes that waiters/waitresses must think I have a problem because they have to fill up my water glass so many times during one meal :)

Anyways, I haven’t jumped on the reusable water bottle band wagon because I always have a 1.5L bottle with me, anything smaller is just a waste of my time. I did re-use those bottles for as long as I could until they were falling apart so I wasn’t wasteful. Seriously, I would hold on to one of those TJ’s plastic water bottles for way past their prime, which isn’t good for you I know.

This weekend at REII finally found a reusable water bottle big enough for me.foodies-1423This sucker holds 48 ounces, which is smaller than I’m used to but saving the world a little is worth filling it up a few extra times a day :) If this sucker is too big for your needs you’ll be happy to find a great selection of much cuter waterbottles that are smaller.foodies-1424


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