Jamba Juice Oatmeal

Is it me or is the world a little brighter today? My favorite smoothie place of all time - Jamba Juice is now offering oatmeal! Not just any oats folks, slow cooked organic steel cut oats. Yes. You read me right. I love Jamby and now I am super excited about this new addition to their menu. I am curious to see how Jamba Juice oatmeal actually tastes after I was very … [Read more...]

Much needed comedic relief

My friend Adriel and I were looking for a band-aid in the office First Aid kit when we came across - Cramp Tabs for Menstrual Relief. I thought it was funny because it's slightly vulgar/descriptive and not subtle at all :) Hey when you need a Cramp Tab, you need a Cramp Tab... … [Read more...]

How to plan a wedding in 6 months…

Sorry I haven't been posting foodies lately. Things are crazy around here. The fiance and I are trying to plan a wedding and all, plus I'm doing some extracurricular activities that are keeping me busy. As you read from the title, we are trying to plan the wedding in 6 months. We may be moving at the end of the summer and don't want to have to worry about 2 things at once, … [Read more...]

Run 1/19/2009

13 Days until the race - Now the Countdown until my first full mary begins! Over the next 13 days I am focusing on getting myself mentally ready. I know I am going to be very nervous before the race. I am tapering now so hard or long runs would hurt more than they would help. At this point I have to just finish up these easier runs of my training program and have faith in … [Read more...]

Engagement Story

So a lot of peeps have asked about how the BF proposed. Unfortunately it's not a super dramatic love tale. I was thinking about making one up that would have you all gushing, but I decided against (mostly because I'm not in a creative mood). Ha. Here we are at a friend's wedding in October... Let me just start by saying I didn't see it coming. I knew we were both super happy … [Read more...]

Run 1/17/2009

I met a new friend on my run today. I was doing 13 miles on a bike path nearby and at mile 8 a guy ran up beside me and started asking if I was training for a race. I told him which one and it turns out he is a pacer for that same race. He  is pacing the 3:40 marathoners which is waaaaay faster than I am going so I won't run with him. But, it was nice to run with him for a bit … [Read more...]

Eat II 1/16/2009

I got hungry around 10:30am and didn't want to break into my lunch, but finally caved and grabbed an apple.I had a few errands to run on lunch and didn't get back to eat until close to 2pm. It's weird but my hungry kinda of went away since I had waited so long. I still ate of course... I had PB&pumpkin butter and I packed a baggie full of blackberries, grapes, carrots and … [Read more...]

More Toe News & Eat I 1/16/2009

This morning my toe felt a lot better, it's not back to "normal", but it's not throbbing in pain so I'm happy. See my jacked up big toe on the right compared to my non-injured toe on the left - there is a blue hue under my nail. This ghetto camera doesn't really show how creepy blue it looks, kind of like your tongue after you eat a blue blowpop. Sick. The nail is definately … [Read more...]

My Big Toe

So, my toe continued to hurt all day, but it hasn't gotten any worse. I did put ice on it, and it helped. I haven't taken Ibuprofen because I wanted to see how bad it hurt so I could figure out how much damage I've done. It's 10pm now and I just took off my shoe - it's throbbing,  a little more blue under the nail and the toe is red overall (compared to my other toe). But - I … [Read more...]

Eat 1/15/2009

For whatever reason these pics are coming out as thumbnails right now. I am just going to deal with it. I stole half of the BF's pancake and had some oatmeal for breakfast. I didn't have a naner or milk to go with it so it wasn't good. Lunch was at a small Thai place and it was so good! I got spicy eggplant with tofu. See how the rice is shaped like a heart? I love that! It's … [Read more...]


I just dropped a BIG soup can on my big toe. I hurts unbelievably bad and I don't know what to do. It happened over 30 minutes ago and I am still in major pain. The nail turned blue almost immediately, but I don't even care about that. I have ice on it right now. How can I tell if I broke it? … [Read more...]

Run 1/15/2009

Morning all :) I did 5.3something miles today and then walked a little bit to cool down. I am planning on yoga later woo-woo. Have a great day - it's Thursday! … [Read more...]

Run 1/14/2009

Thank you thank you for all the well wishes :) I am very happy! Despite my big news the runs must go on - I have a marathon in a few weeks! Ahhh! I so don't feel ready, but I have been to busy smiling to stress about it :) This morning I did 4 easy miles since it was an "optional" run day. I am going to run Thursday for about 5 or 6 miles, take Friday off and scale back … [Read more...]

So, this is the big news…

The BF asked me to marry him on Sunday night!!!  Yes, folks I managed to sucker some poor guy into thinking I am a catch. Kidding! I am really lucky. I managed to find a lumberjack/engineer with good taste in rings and a heart for loving me :) So that is why I have been avoiding you the last 2 days. I am sorry. Now that the surprise is out I am back in business. I will be … [Read more...]

I'm avoiding you…

So, I am kinda avoiding my blog  because I have a big announcement to make and I can't actually make it until I tell my fam/friends that read this thing. I don't want them to find out via blog. I am so bad with keeping surprises, so I feel that if I post something I'll just write my announcement. I am not doing anything amazing for mankind, so I don't want to talk it up too … [Read more...]

Run 1/12/2009

Still weird to write 2009 for me, I am living in the past people. Today I did 4 miles on my own and walk/ran 2 with the BF. He wanted to run this morning, which doesn't happen often, so I welcomed it. I don't know how much I was actually supposed to do per my marathon training plan since I am so rebellious and irresponsible for some reason right now. … [Read more...]