Wedding Shows

I’m watching Who’s Wedding Is It Anyway? right now. I love it :) 

I also love Say Yes To The Dress (but don’t get to watch it that often because my home TV doesn’t get that channel)

What’s your favorite wedding show???


I have soooo much to do for the wedding, it’s very overwhelming! This weekend I am going to make a decision on bridesmaid dresses and I am on the hunt for a cake design :) For some reason the bridal mags don’t have a lot of pictures of cakes, so it’s hard to get inspiration.


  1. Sarah says

    i watch every bridal show, platimum weddings, fat free fiances, whose wedding is it anyways, rich bride, poor bride, david tutera’s wedding show, everything! love them all.

  2. says

    I like the ones you mentioned and right now I am watching Wedding SOS. I also used to like Bridezillas, but now it’s just ridiculous. Whose Wedding Is it Anyway is definitely my favorite though.

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