Lent is for real

I ate lunch a little early today and was hungry for a BIG snack around 3pm. Bagel with PB&PB (pumpkin butter) – it was perfectly filling.dscn6068

I also received a package in the mail from POM Wonderful and drank a bottle of the course of the afternoon :) review coming soon!

Dinner was my favorite meal – sweet potato, brussel sprouts & tofu (that can be switched with salmon depending on my mood).dscn6071

Normally I cut brussel sprouts in half to roast them, but these were so small I didn’t have to.


I love roasted brussels and seriously eat a pound of them every time I made them. It could be worse, right?

Now I am desparately chewing gum and trying not to think about sweets!!! This is going to be a rough 40 days. Ben, who knows my addiction to sugar very well, asked me, “What if you lose your will to live?”

Let me just make this clear – me giving up sweets is like an alcoholic giving up drinking. I have a history of alcoholism in my family and have the same addictive tendencies, plus I use food as an outlet.


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    you can do it, i like the comparison. i think it’s going to have to be hard work, and that’s just it. and substitutes. and maybe drugs. :) just think– one day at a time, one minute at a time. don’t buy the stuff, keep it away from you, maybe tell your co-workers? i like the alcoholic approach– mimic that– do you believe in a “higher power”?

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