Jokes for Lent

Sorry, is this sac-religious? I don't know, but I had to bring a little humor to my withdrawal from sweets. It's not easy to keep it together people! And the jokes are only going to get more lame the longer I stay away from frozen yogurt. … [Read more...]

Back to work

Hello and happy Monday. I started the day with 5.3 miles and then did a cool down run with Ben for another half mile. He wanted to run, I didn't even ask! I was running a little late so I ate breakfast on the way to work. Here is a reenactment of the bowl - but today I had a lot of PB just to finish off a dying jar. I thought it would keep me full till lunch, but I'm getting … [Read more...]

Lisa's B-day Bash

My friend Lisa had a birthday extravaganza Saturday night that started with sushi in Santa Monica. I had miso soup, edamame and some fancy roll with baked lobster & a creamy sauce. Again, Saturday is my live it up day *without guilt* so I ate whatever I wanted - even though I managed to stay away from her b-day cake she was sharing! That is a triumph for Lent :) I also … [Read more...]

So much food, so little time

The weekends are always pretty busy for me (in a good way). So, I usually am a bad weekend blogger :( I'm working on it though! For now I am just going to put some pics to recap Sunday and move forward. Since Saturday is a long run day I take Sunday as a rest day (very appropriate don't you think?). I took a little walk this morning and that is it. I am a big believer in the … [Read more...]